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Death Race DVD: Fast & Furious for Non-Wusses

Death Race DVD: Fast & Furious for Non-Wusses Posted December 22 2008 04:01 PM by joela

When the title of a movie is “Death Race” and it’s about drivers trying to inflict maximum bodily harm on everyone – and everything – around them, fluff like characterization, plot, and theme should rightfully be on the...

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Nissan R35 project car buildup

Nissan R35 project car
Nissan R35 project car buildup Posted October 22 2008 11:55 PM by TurboMagScott

Turbo Magazines got some exciting projects in the works. In our upcoming issue we take the new R35 as a new project car with plans to ramp up the horsepower using the new HKS GT570 racing package.

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Back from Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico photo shoot
Back from Puerto Rico Posted September 30 2008 11:14 PM by TurboMagScott

After months of planning we made the trip out to Puerto Rico without knowing what to expect...

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Tribute to all the heros and fallen of Sept 9/11

Remeber 9/11
Tribute to all the heros and fallen of Sept 9/11 Posted September 11 2008 11:38 PM by TurboMagScott

Its a sad day as its been seven years since that fateful day that took thousands of lives in NYC.

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