My lowlight of the trip was hiking around for two very long hours trying to find the Honda museum. I wanted to bring back some photos for all you Honda-heads out there but sadly my map and the streets would not cooperate. Tokyo is unfortunately not laid out in square blocks, which makes it almost impossible to navigate.

What you won't see pictures of are the events that took place after the show. Some of guys on the tour went without sleep most nights and partied until 6 a.m. and then rolled back out for the 9 a.m. bus departure. They thoroughly checked out the legendary nightlife of Rypongi and the clubs of Shibuya. Just like Las Vegas, what happens in Tokyo stays in Tokyo!

Aside from all the car stuff, Sport Compact Car editor Jared Holstein, fellow Turbo editor Mike Kojima and myself ventured out from Tokyo and checked out the many temples of Kamakura. A day away from the bustling crowds of Tokyo was relaxing and gives you a better feel of what the rest of Japan is like.

All in all it was great trip. I hope to see more of you next year on our Turbo magazine TAS tour. There is plenty to do and see, so start saving up those yen. Until then.