Toyo Tires Street XIII
1 Toshi Hayama 12.425@115.93 Irvine, Ca  
2 Brandon Nasu 12.616@113.60 Honolulu, HA  
3 Gary Castillo 13.126@110.52 San Diego, CA  
4 Michael Ferrara 13.366@111.12 Huntington Beach, CA  
5 Michael Ji 13.410@111.07 Honolulu, HA  
6 Car #03 13.572@107.10
7 Kimo Han 13.585@106.43 Honolulu, HA  
8 Cedric Smith 13.732@106.91 Honolulu, HA  
Quarter Finals
1 Toshi Hayama 12.274@118.05 .886 r/t  
5 Michael Ji 13.119@112.92 1.463 r/t $100
3 Gary Castillo 13.297@107.94 1.196 r/t  
7 Kimo Han 16.020@102.49 .725 r/t $100
2 Brandon Nasu 12.559@114.48 .763 r/t  
6 Car #03 13.088@108.46 .712 r/t $100
4 Michael Ferrara 13.519@108.67 .724 r/t  
8 Cedric Smith 13.708@108.44 .694 r/t $100
1 Toshi Hayama 12.133@117.82 .926 r/t  
3 Gary Castillo 13.409@111.17 1.174 r/t $250
2 Brandon Nasu 13.002@102.34 .800 r/t  
4 Michael Ferrara 13.635@100.88 .919 r/t $250
1 Toshi Hayama 12.228@120.05 1.062 r/t $1000
2 Brandon Nasu 12.588@114.77 .597 r/t $500
IDRC $21,000 Bracket Packet Series 2000
Super comp (7.49-to-12.99)
Winner Frank DeSantos Honolulu, Hawaii 11.71 dial $500
R/U Kary Book III Honolulu, Hawaii 12.71 dial $200
Super Mod (13.00-to-14.99)
Winner Michael Wong Aiea, Hawaii 14.85 dial $500
R/U Jeffrey Ching Pearl City, Hawaii 14.40 dial $200
Super Stock (15.00-and-slower)
Winner Shea Barboza Mililani, Hawaii 17.97 dial $500
R/U Emerito Guillermo Ewa Beach, Hawaii 17.90 dial $200

This old-school 510 ran numerous mid-10s. The Datsun relied on a fuel injected turbocharged 3TC powerplant.

The Venom Civic made it all the way from the mainland but was only able to complete one run, a 10.20 at a blistering 150 mph. This was the quickest and fastest car at the event.

Kazu Yamaguchi qualified in the number 8 spot by turning in a less than par 13.49 e.t. He was able to click off a 10.73 at 142 in the quarter finals.

Even if Lanny rubbed Buddha's belly for good luck, that still wouldn't have fixed the dropped cylinder in the Hypersports Civic.

This Sonic VW has one trick set-up. The crew spent the day fixing a driveline problem to make one exhibition run.

This Speedline Civic was painted and reassembled the week before the IDRC event. It was all worth it because the driver, Lance, made it as far as the quarter finals.

The first ever Skyline match up in Hawaii kept the crowd in awe.

Quite a change for Donnell Branch and the W.A.R CRX team. Going from their normal Mile-High Colorado track to a sea-level atmosphere must have had an effect on crew and car alike.

That's Mr. Kid Sensation Lanny Higa piloting the infamous Alphanumeric/Hypersports-sponsored Civic. We were told that the car will now stay in California for the IDRC season finals and all of the 2001 season.

This coat hanger rig made me $250 richer!