Whoever said that four-doors belong on a family car needs to talk to Manny Jaramillo. The Fast-N-Eazy Racing-sponsored, four-door '89 Civic blasted its way into the number five spot (7.303) and our very own Jason Mulroney's Landspeed-sponsored Civic blazed a trail to the number six spot, blasting a 7.324. Dr. Charles Madrid hot shoed his way into the number seven spot with the STR/Ford Racing-sponsored '99 Ford Focus. That's right-a Ford Focus! Who would've known? Rounding off the rest of the field were Ben Benavides, Adrian Sabori, Leevon Eisele, Heather Zender, Noe Becerra, Kurt Gordon, Mike Malabanan, Joseph Lebron and Jeff Hufana.

In the first round of competition, there were several upsets. James West, Jojo Callos and Charles Mardrid were all given the early boot by underdogs. Manny Jaramilo gave Kurt Gordon an early shower while Lisa Kubo took out Leevon Eisele. The Second Round pitted Heather Zender against Adrian Sabori and Joe Lebron against Manny Jaramillo. Heather and Joe took out their competition and moved to the third round. Also in the second round, Lisa Kubo squared off against Ed Bergenholtz. Lisa got the better reaction and was barely quick enough to take the win. Jason Mulroney made quick work of Ben Benavides. This set up the semi-finals with Joe Lebron facing Heather Zender and Lisa Kubo against Jason Mulroney. The Quick-chicks sent the boys home crying as the final was set and it was going to be one good cat fight. Although there were two princesses going into the finals, there could only be one Queen. In the end, the true Queen of the Quick Class prevailed and Lisa Kubo took the Battle crown and the $5,000 purse with a 7.025.

Pro-Street (P/S) Class Quick-8The popularity of the Pro-Street class has definitely exploded in the past season. Just like the Pro-Import class, the Pro-Street racers have taken it up a notch with many of the vehicles specifically built for the class. At the top of the qualifying spot was AEBS Engineering Orange Juiced CRX, driven by Roger Sangco. Sangco was a force to be reckoned with; he qualified .305-seconds faster than his closest competitor. Jeremy Lookofsky brought out his newly revised toy and captured the number two spot with a 7.814. He still has some bugs to work out but be on the lookout for him. Teren King, a newcomer to the sport, made his presence felt with a 7.882, giving him the number three spot. Old-school supporter, Chris Sharma brought out his '86 CRX to teach the new schoolers a thing or two about performance. His 7.901 was good enough for the number four spot. Bisi Ezerioha and his single-cam wonder made their mark with an 8.025, securing the number five spot. Norman Aubry, Adam DeLeon and Mike Escamilla rounded off the rest of the field.

The first round was a flashback weekend as the top two qualifiers were eliminated. Roger Sangco and Jeremy Lookofsky both fell to their competitors in round one. This opened the door for the lower qualifiers. Bisi broke off Roger, while Norman defeated Jeremy. Chris Sharma and Teren King both advanced to the semis. Round two faced off Teren King against Bisi Ezerioha while Chris squared off against Norman. Teren proved too much for Bisi as he took the win light. Chris in his old-school CRX also took the win against Norman. The final round was set. The two contenders were Chris Sharma in his '86 CRX and Teren King in his '92 Civic. Chris was given the easy win as Teren drew blood too early and red-lit. Chris walked away with $3,000 and a nice trophy.