Roger Sangco '89 Honda CRX 7.509
Jeremy Lookofsky '88 Honda CRX 7.814
Teren King '92 Honda Civic 7.882
Chris Sharma '86 Honda CRX 7.901
Bisi Ezerioha '88 Honda CRX 8.025
Norman Aubry '90 Honda Civic 8.058
Adam DeLeon '93 Honda Civic 8.084
Mike Escamilla '85 Honda CRX 8.088
Jim Johnson '85 Mazda RX7 6.255
Ray Lochhead '93 Mazda RX7 6.576
Adam Saruwatari '93 Mazda RX7 6.606

Although many were hoping to see Abel Ibarra's RX-7, he was racing the R-100. The R-100 still has the touch, as Abel lifted the front wheels off the ground at launch.

The Smoke Dog shows that this four-door is no grocery getter. The Civic smoked the hides off the line.

Ben Benavides was one of the few non-Honda supporters to make the Pro-Import FWD field. His 1995 Nissan 200SX made it to the quarter-final round before getting eliminated.

Russ Matusevich qualified impressively in the number one spot of the Pro-Import RWD category but was unable to make it past the semi-final round.

Saturn Performance was in the house as the Valvoline-sponsored Saturn SL2 of Joe Lebron attacked the tarmac.

The STR Focus was out and about with Dr. Charles Madrid at the helm. Charles qualified for the field of 16 but was eliminated in the first round by Joe Lebron.

Check out the wrinkle wall slicks on the Focus station wagon. Be on the lookout as we bring you more information about this vehicle in the near future.

Bomex had a couple of cars on display, equipped with the company's stylistic body kit. This dark blue Supra was outfitted with a sequential turbo powerplant from Japan

A long-time backer of the import drag racing movement, MSD Ignition made the trek from Texas to show its support. Electronic gurus were on hand to answer tech questions.

HKS USA had the company's turbocharged Integra on display along with an array of performance products.

Spearco Intercoolers had an impressive display of intercoolers as well as a list of top racers who use its products.

Although Miatas are commonly called a girl's car, it didn't deter these owners from modifying their Mazda roadsters to perfection.

One of the cleanest-looking display vehicles at the event was this Mazda Speed RX-7. Check out the light treatment on the bumper.

A SR20DET transplant into a 240SX has become a popular trend in Southern Cali. This S13 was striking--the sleeper look--but one pound of the pedal and it would be gone.

Torco Racing Oil had a taste of the import movement at the Battle.

Check out the sweet Mercury Cougar with the carbon fiber hood. Who says domestics can't compete?