This bullish street Supra was out the day before the event for a few test-and-tune runs. The car was able to make some 10-second passes but did not progress too far in the Street VIII. In any case, a 10-second street Supra is impressive. The fact that such a quick car didn't go far in competition is an indication of how fast these Street VIII machines are getting.

Sammy Benitez has finally started working the bugs out of his tube-chassis RX-7. The car ran consistent 8.0s and is on its way to breaking into the 7-second zone.

This Impo Civic runs high 10s in SOHC trim.

Remember this car from the '99 Pomona IDRC finals? EIP has revamped what was once a front-drive GTI into a full-on, streetable, all-wheel-drive VR6 turbo.

Ross Esposito has consistently piloted the Ripp Integra to consistent mid- 10s, but was eliminated in a first-round bout against Brent Rau.

In the Street VIII finals, Brad Daley's 10.3-second Supra was not enough to take out Ari Yallon's dominating RX-7, that blasted a 9.87 at 145 mph in the finals.

This is Kenny Tran's fourth time making the final cut at an IDRC event, but just like the times before, he was not able to come home with a victory. Even without first place, Tran is still looking good in the points race.

This was a first for us, a 10-second Volkswagen Rabbit.

At a little more than 1,700 lbs, the Team Bergenholtz CRX was able to land a 9.45 at 155 mph while competing in the Outlaw class.

It's amazing what a set of bigger slicks did for Lisa Kubo's Civic. With the same horsepower, but 26x8x15, she landed a personal best of 9.59.

This Diamond Star, owned and piloted by Brent Rau, is the world's fastest Quick Class car, as it blasted a 9.40.

Ari Yallon demolished his previous record on street tires by ripping down the track in 9.58 seconds. This record also beat his fastest time of 9.62 on slicks as well.

This is the world's quickest Sentra in the quarter, running a 10.37 at 130-plus mph. Can you believe the engine runs a modified factory ECU and bone-stock valvetrain?

Leevon Eisele held the number one qualifying spot in points before the event, but unfortunately a burnt clutch would keep him from holding on to the position.

If Kris Bareng (owner of this drag RC car) would put this much time in his real racecar, it would probably be done by now.

This RX-7 was a 10-second racer before it met the track's barrier while at top end.

Maple Grove marked the return of Vinny Ten to the Outlaw Class. Ten set a new Supra record with an 8.10 at 165 mph.