Vinny Ten and his well-known '95 Toyota Supra came out of the blue to run a huge number in qualifying, blasting an 8.10 at 165 mph on his first pass off of the trailer. This stellar effort earned Ten the title of the World's Fastest Supra. According to Ten, "It took a lot of time to get the Accel DFI to work with the JZA powerplant, but we were able to make 1000 hp after we worked out all the bugs. Once we solved the tuning issue, our powerglide transmission had problems taking the power, but now that our new 'glide can take the punishment, we're finally able to get the power to the ground."

The Paisley Automotive Supra has been tearing up tracks across the country. With the help of an Auto Meter Datalogger, Paisley has been able to knock tenth after tenth off his e.t. At this event, he was able to push the Supra another tenth faster, locking in an 8.44. Paisley backed up the run, with an even faster 8.42 at 160 mph.

Pepe Loco has been lurking in the shadows of top racers, but the underdog has been on a roll in the East. At the last IDRC Maple Grove race, Carlos Montano ran consistent low 9s, but since then, the rotary-powered Datsun has landed in the 8-second zone and seems to be there to stay. Loco made it all the way to the finals before being eliminated by the Paisley Supra. The high-revving Datsun's best time of the day was an 8.79 at 151.5 mph.

Ed Bergenholtz recently made the jump from Quick Class to Outlaw. Weighing in at a little more than 1,700 lbs, the Bergenholtz CRX was bound to run a good number. On one of the Honda's qualifying passes, it was able to rip down the track to a 9.46 qualifying in the number four spot. Later in competition, the boost was raised and Bergenholtz clocked in at an amazing 9.45 at 155 mph and moved into the semis, where he fell to the Paisley Racing Supra. The big question is, was the move up to Outlaw worth it, being only .14 seconds ahead of Lisa Kubo (who ran 9.59 in Quick Class trim)? In the other semi, Ten broke, opening the door for Montano. As far as the points race was concerned, Paisley beat out Montano, running an 8.51 in the Supra against Montano's 8.85.

Sport Compact Car Street VIIIBy far one of the most impressive classes around is the Street VIII. Not many people can say that their car is a true street car and, by IDRC rules, in order for your car to compete in this class, it must run on DOT tires and through the muffler.

Ari Yallon is still clicking off numbers that many full-race Quick Class cars only dream about. The day before the event, Maple Grove held a test-and-tune session with a mix of domestics and imports. On one of Yallon's passes, the RX-7 locked in a 9.58. The domestic folk gathered in amazement to discover the rotary-powered import was street-driven as well, with the 9-second run made on DOT tires. Another win for the imports! At the IDRC event, Yallon was not able to better his time, but he was able to run two 9-second passes in competition while taking home first place cash. He has a lock on the season championship and is someone to know, come late December.

JE Pistons Pro VIIIAt the last IDRC Maple Grove event, Mike Simon debuted his Mitsubishi-powered CRX. Back then, the tube-chassis Honda was able to turn consistent mid-9s. Since then, the car has landed in the 8s, but during the test-and-tune Saturday before the event, Mike and crew had to replace the car's powerglide transmission with another. It turns out that the old unit had an internal trans brake problem. Their last minute efforts did not work as planned; the CRX's best pass was a 9.49.