Turbo Auto Salon TourFor 2001, Turbo magazine is no longer taking an active role in the sponsorship of the Tokyo Auto Salon Tour. However, we are still going and invite you to join us.

The tour is being organized by J-Tec and the price is better than last year's tour. Early bird entries will cost $1,399 and regular price entries will cost $1,499. The early bird deadline is November 30, 2000 and the final deadline is December 15. The tour departs from LAX on January 10 and returns January 15. The tour package includes airfare, hotel accomodations, entrance to the show, ground transportation to and from the show venue and airport and access to a translator.

The itinerary includes admission to the show on VIP day, a second day at the show (optional) and a free day. For more information, contact J-Tec at (213) 891-9037, Fax: (213) 624-902 or log on to www.visitjtec.com/autosalon.

To the intense import performance enthusiast, the Tokyo Auto Salon is like having another Christmas in the first week of January.

The Race Is Over"'The checkered flag is down. The Race is over.'This high-performance Art Casket(tm) places the auto racing fan in the driver's seat for one last lap. Cool caskets for cool people." Yes, the inescapable certainty of death need not be as depressing, thanks to the good folks at WhiteLight. Custom picture-emblazoned caskets are now a reality. Let's quote the company's press release.

"The Art Casket is an uplifting expression of life, through art. WhiteLight, a custom casket design group, has now created a practical means to personalize a casket by surrounding it with a pictorial image that makes a life statement on behalf of the deceased.

"Each Art Casket becomes an epilogue, echoing the richness of a life fulfilled. Whether bold and vivid, or soft and subdued, Art Caskets are as unforgettable as the life they commemorate. New Art Casket designs are published quarterly. Ask your funeral director to show you the complete selection."

Some of the more interesting offerings include "Fairway To Heaven" for golfers, a Texas A&M version for alumni who want take the school spirit to their grave (literally) and "Return to Sender," a casket that looks like an express delivery mail package for those who want one last laugh. Art Caskets, personalized for individual taste, are also available where time permits. For once, I am glad import racing is not represented in a product line. If these personalized caskets have struck a chord with you, contact WhiteLight at (877) ARTCASKET or at www.artcaskets.com.

AEM CatalogAdvanced Engine Management (AEM) has put together its 2000/2001 Performance Parts Catalog. The catalog, which is 24 full color pages, features a comprehensive rundown of AEM's impressive inventory of products and includes detailed applications charts to ensure the savvy enthusiast can properly plan his project. The catalog costs $5 and can be ordered at (310) 484-2322.