Day 3: SundayLast Day At NopiGot 12 hours of sleep and am firing live ammo today.

Gary and Jason are back online full-tilt and we hit the Waffle House for nourishment. Waffle Houses are big in the South. Like Peachtree streets, there are high concentrations in the Atlanta area. It is not surprising to see two "Houses" on the same highway exit. So if you are told to hook up at the Waffle House on Peachtree, you're royally screwed. With 408,165,000 waffles sold, the House lays claim to the world's leading seller of waffles. It is also the world's leader in omelets, offers world famous hash browns and the 'freshest' Coca-Cola (Coke is headquartered in Atlanta). At least that is what the menu said. After a cheese steak omelet and smothered, sprinkled and topped hash browns, it was back to the show.

Armed with golf cart, we are able to reach all of the show. At the Import Tuner Dyno Challenge, we see a turbo 240SX lay down 301 hp. Owner tells us he's on low boost, we line up future feature. The North American Bikini Championships were also part of the mix at Nopi-who needs the Olympics.

For more on the styles and sights of the 2000 Nopi Nats check out the accompanying photos.

Best of Show Daniel Demling
Hottest Engine Tony Waldrup
Best Interior Earl Young
Best Paint Kim Martin
Best of Show Richard Jones
Hottest Engine Phillip Sheek
Best Interior Eric Etayo
Best Paint Josh Henning
Best of Show James Boitnott
Hottest Engine Johnny Johnson
Best Interior Chad Hamm
Best Paint Steve Church
Best of Show n/a
Hottest Engine Edward Blackburn
Best Interior Ben Hinton
Best Paint Joey Easterland
Saturday Matt Hall
Sunday Jason Scholtz