In the all-motor class it was business as usual as the Skunk2 Integra took down all comers. The all motor final pitted Tony Shagday and the Skunk2 Integra against Norris Prayoonto. He suffered mechanical problems and the Skunk2 team won by daylight.

Glazar's best pass (9.220) came when the chips were down in the Quick Class final. Lucky for him the Talon was on top of its game because Jimmy O'Connor turned an impressive 9.61 and actually had a small advantage in the early stages of the race.

Sean Glazar brought back his Talon and clicked off insane numbers after 10 months of down time. The all-wheel-drive Quick Class warrior clicked off 9.34, 9.228 and 9.220 e.t.s during the competition, displaying unbelievable quickness and reliability.

Kenny Tran had a revised paint scheme on his Jotech Civic. He boosted to an impressive 9.59 at 151 mph to take the third position on the grid.

In the semis Tran and O'Connor lined up their Hondas against one another. O'Connor and the Venom Racing Civic edged out the win 9.73 to 9.91.

Cover boy Brent Rau kept the fire lit as he also took a shot at 8-second immortality blasting a 9.23 to back up his impressive 9.18.

Norris Prayoonto qualified third with an 11.38 and advanced to the finals where engine problems slowed him severely.

Mike Simon's 4G63-powered CRX blasted mid 8s in the exhibition class.

The next Lisa Kubo??

Bustin' a move