L'Natural CRX is back at the top! Owner Jeremy Lookofsky and driver Shawn Hiller were able to reclaim the Honda all-motor title with a 10.73 at 129.01 mph, shattering the previous record held by Skunk2. ( 10.91 at 123 mph).

The Nu Image all-motor Integra piloted by Norris Prayoonto was representing the right coast. The H22A-powered Honda qualified in the number five spot, but was eliminated by Prayoonto's friend from the west,Jeremy Lookofsky. By the way, Prayoonto's dad makes some of the best Thai chicken we've ever tasted.

Cam Worth piloted his '94 RX-7 to the Pro-Import winner's circle with numerous mid-10s. His road to victory started from the number two spot on the qualifying grid.

The Impo-sponsored Civic is capable of running high 10s in SOHC trim.

A father vs. son match-up in the finals.

Lyle Henry has been banging on the 9-second door, but for some reason, there is no answer. His Eclipse was able to run numerous 10.0s in competition, but maybe with a little more nitrous, his car can break the door down.

Nathan Romero's VW Rabbit just made the cut into the Pro-Street class. It eventually ran in the finals in a match against the world's fastest and quickest normally aspirated Honda. It turned out that Romero's car is the world's quickest water-cooled VW-what a match.

Jeremy Lookofsky grabbed the title of quickest all-motor uni-body Honda at the Battle. You have to wonder how quick these all-natural racers can go. The 2001 campaign should be hotly contested.

After losing the quickest all-motor title to L'Natural, the Skunk2-sponsored Integra was pulling every trick in the book to drop more weight for a faster time. Props goes out to Omni-man and Tony Shagday for giving it their all.