T: What changes are you considering for 2001?AY: We are looking at converting the car for competition in the Quick 16 or Outlaw 8. We're not certain what rule changes will be announced for the next season so we're not sure what direction we'll be going. We intend to bring on a full-time crew chief and are seeking more sponsors to help us have another winning season. We would like to attend 20-25 races next year, and need to have a car that would be legal and competitive to race under the rules of several sanctioning bodies. We will decide what direction to go in when the 2001 rules come out, and after meeting with our sponsors. Whichever direction we go in, you can count on us being noticed and setting new standards in the 2001 race season.

T: How many races did you compete in during 2000?TS: Five.

T: Run down your top finishes.TS: We qualified number one in four racers and won each. In the other race, we qualified second and finished second.

T: What's your best pass (e.t. & mph) of the season to date?TS: 10.91 @ 123 MPH

Abel Ibarra Pro ClassT: How many races did you compete in during 2000?AI: Eight (with two remaining as of press time).

T: Run down your top finishes.AI: I won a total of eight races.

T: What's your best pass (e.t. & mph) of the season to date?AI: 7.58 @ 175.4 MPHI was on a 7.30 run when I broke racing Rafealito. My 7.58 was made with a 4.83 1/8-mile and I ran a 4.74 at 134 mph against Rafealito before the problems.

T: What about the Summit Racing 200-mph Club and its $25,000 payout for the first import door-slammer to blast a 200-mph quarter mile? Can Flaco Racing collect the cash?AI: My 7.58 was at 31 psi. Against Rafealito we were running 34 psi. The car's maximum boost is 43 psi and I have a NOS system I have yet to pull the trigger on. The biggest challenge is track consistency. The NHRA runs on great tracks that are immaculately prepared at every venue. I have yet to run on a surface that could handle 43 psi, never mind the nitrous. So I have not had the opportunity to make the passes needed to set up the car for 200 mph. Beyond the track surface, I will need to play with gearing, make some weight adjustments and if needed build a special motor with lightweight rotors. To answer the question...maybe. On the right surface it's definitely reachable. What a ride it will be.

Feb 27 ID Drag-Wars Houston Raceway Park, TX 1st
Mar 12 IDRC Houston raceway Park, TX 1st
May 14 IDRC Maple Grove Raceway, PA 1st
Jul 2 IDRC Englishtown Raceway, NJ 1st
Aug 20 IDRC Maple Grove Raceway, PA 1st
Oct 2 Lower Level Thunder Valley Raceway, OK 1st
Oct 15 TX Import Rage River City Raceway, TX 1st
Oct 21 IDRC Bandimere Speedway, CO 1st
Aug 12 ID Drag-Wars Texas Motorplex, TX 2nd (Broken Axle)
Apr 9 NIRA Moroso Raceway, FL Quarter-Final (Wreck)