DC Sports All Motor ClassThis could have been the CRX Nats as six of the eight qualifiers were examples of Honda's fastback roller skate. The first two spots on the grid were occupied by the non-believers, namely Joel Mandl's '91 Civic and Scott Kelley's '69 VW. The finals came down to a pair of CRXs, number three on the tree, Jarrod Silvers, and Erick Aguilar, who made the show from the fourth spot in the line-up. In the finals, it was a tale of the staging game. Silvers pre-staged first. Then Aguilar lit the first light. Silvers then final staged and got on the brake and the two-step. Aguilar waited him out. As Silvers got off the gas, Aguilar staged and the tree lit up. The results sheet showed Silvers getting out first, but his engine bogged and the race that was close on paper was over.

Nitto Tires/Turbo Magazine Quick ClassIt was "do or die" in the Quick Class with Lisa Kubo ahead of the pack, but not entirely out of the woods in the series points race. She made the statement early and loudly, blasting a 9.61 in the first round of qualifications, grabbing top spot and precious points. Her main rival, Leevon Eisele, checked in at number seven on the grid. Both racers advanced through the first round and lost in the quarter finals, sealing the series championship and $15,000 for Lisa Kubo Racing. Kubo was running against Kousuke Kida in the peach-colored Signal Auto Civic, when her downpipe blew off and lodged in the tranny's cable-style shift linkage, which kept her from shifting. She ran an 11.26 at 89 mph. Kida wasn't waiting around; he ran a 10.75, letting off on the top end. Eisele ran a good 10.37, but was bitten by Jojo Callos' 9.89. Proving how well the track was hooking, Jimmy O'Connor and the Venom Civic fired off their best-ever run of 9.57 at 147 mph, taking Kubo's quickest ever run by a uni-body Honda at Palmdale. With the big picture decided, it was time to see who would win the race. The Venom Civic could not make the semis, giving Russ Matusevich a free ride into the finals. Kida's 10.44 was enough to dispatch Callos and it was a Honda vs. Toyota final. Matusevich broke and Kida skated to a 10.41 and a $1,500 payday.

JE Pistons Pro ClassTeam Flaco Racing had its way with the competition. Marcos Acosta, the only racer in a position to challenge the R-100 and RX-7, had tire shake gremlins the entire weekend and could not run to full potential. The MVA team has big plans for 2001, so look out. The finals came down to the RX-7 and the R-100 with the 7 collecting the cash with an 8.13 compared to the 100's 8.61.

Apex Integration Outlaw ClassNumber three qualifier Adam Saruwatari, who scorched the track with a 8.90, elected to run exhibition passes on Sunday, allowing Jim Johnson to enter the fray. Johnson, piloting Ray Lochhead's old first-gen RX-7, was an upset winner at the Fontana Battle. Johnson made it to the semis before Rene Franco's RX-3 beat him. Franco beat Paisley in the first round when Paisley could not get off the line. Paisley ran an 8.84, but his 1.125-second reaction time gave Franco the win light with a 9.41. Starting line demons affected Honda racer Stephan Papadakis who redlit in the first round. In the end, Ray Lochhead put the pedal to the metal and wheel-stood his way into the finals, where he dispatched Franco with a blistering 8.86.