1 Abel Ibarra 98 Mazda RX-7 Riverside, CA 1 7.939 171.29
2 Erfren Vasquez 71 Mazda R-100 Riverside, CA 7230 7.985 159.67 Flaco Racing
3 Marcos Acosta 96 Mazda MX-3 Bronx, NY 193B 9.058 149.02 AEBS
4 RJ Shamrock 00 Ford Focus San Diego, CA 708 9.101 152.72 Nitto Tires / MVA Racing
1 Abel Ibarra 7.942 171.08 0.501 Win
3 Marcos Acosta 10.402 133.79 0.800 $250
2 Erfren Vasquez 8.547 141.5 0.576 Win
4 RJ Shamrock 13.54 67.12 0.589 $250
1 Abel Ibarra 8.132 159.42 0.511 Win $1,000
2 Erfren Vasquez 8.618 151.82 0.715 $500

Jimmy O'Connor banged the gears to become the quickest front-drive uni-body Honda time Palmdale has ever seen. The Venom-sponsored Civic ripped down the track at 9.57 at 147 mph.

Signal Auto's new chop-top went on to win the Nitto Tires/Turbo magazine Quick XVI. The new Civic is piloted by Kousuke Kida, who happens to be the brother of Ryu Kida, Signal's first chop-top pilot.

Number one in Outlaw points was also the number one qualifier-Craig Paisley and his TRD-sponsored Supra. However, Craig was not able to make it past round one but he still ended up on top in the Outlaw Class, taking the championship-and big pay.

Adam Satuwatari's RX-7 has been in the land of the 9s for some time, but at this event, he would break into the 8s with an 8.90 and back it up with an 8.98. He qualified in the number three spot for Outlaw, but decided to run exhibition on Sunday.

The AEM Civic has done nothing but better its time over the season. Driver Stephan Papadakis lost in the first round by redlighting to Ronald Flock.

Ari Yallon and the Rotary Performance RX-7 could have stayed in Texas and still won the season points championship but Ari's love of competition brought him out to California for a long-awaited race against the UPRD Supra.

After Leevon's first-round loss, Kenny Tran needed to advance to the semifinal round to take second in points, but, unfortunately, the Jotech-sponsored Civic fell victim to the Venom Civic.

In the Street Class, the R-1X-sponsored RX-7 locked in the number three spot with a 10.66 under the careful driving skills of Cameron Worth. The RX-7 was disqualified due to a crew member touching the car during a burnout.

Abel's R-100 was running spectacularly. The new pilot of the Hansen-built racer was Efren Vasquez, who qualified with a 7.98, which happens to be the best time the R-100 has ever posted.