Quick class favorite Lisa Kubo qualified high on the grid, but left early on Sunday before elimination rounds started.

Is it a curse for the number one qualifiers? Signal Auto, Ari Yallon and Joel Tanzman all qualified in the number one position in their respective class, but all lost in the semis to slower vehicles.

The traveling man, Craig Paisley, made the trek from New York to wage war in the Outlaw class, but lost the battle to winner Stephan Papadakis in the semis.

Jeremy Lookofsky and Joel Mandol were hot on the tail of Scott Kelley's Bugpack, but the VW was too much for either to handle.

Signal Auto was campaigning three racers, two chop-top Civics and a Skyline.

Is that a Civic or is it an Integra? Our May cover car was sporting a new front-end, which made for double takes from spectators and racers alike.

Adrian Sabori started the 2001 season with a clean slate and a pristine white paint scheme.

Last year's IDRC runner-up in the Quick Class, Leevon Eisle, was also sporting new colors. Leevon has joined the Rev Hard team and has painted his Civic to match the Integra and the Civic coupe.