Turbo Magazine Midnight Oil AwardYep, we all see the finely detailed machine pound the quarter mile. But the action in the pits is far removed from the limelight. The glamour of the burnout is replaced by desperation, grease and bloody knuckles. Turbo endeavors to bring the trials and struggles of race teams to light. Here's Sav Leone's version of what it took to make the 2002 Summer Slam.

MondayOld motor shows 50 percent leak down so we assemble a new B16A.

TuesdayVince from Golden Eagle flies in to help. Discover turbo needs repair, so it's over-nighted out.

WednesdayPick up new deck plate and install new engine. Work 'til 2 a.m.

Thursday(Fourth of July)There's no oil pressure! Remove oil pan; it's OK. Check lines; they're OK. Replace oil pump; Houston, we have oil pressure! Go home and watch fireworks with family.

FridayGet turbo back and bolt on. Go to dyno and make good power (700 hp). Try another dyno pull, shred tires and just about kill girlfriend. Call it a day.

SaturdayHead to track and qualify #2 with best run ever, a 9.28 at 155mph. Blow new engine up in second qualifying pass when oil pump fails. At 8 p.m., head home to get new valves and then go back to track to install only to find everybody waiting at gate as track closed.

SundayLap in new valves and miss third round of qualifying. Get a "bye" run first-round but have voltage problems. In checking wires. a wire is grounded, starting small fire and destroying the clutch line. Christian Rado lends a new line and we make it to second round and are lucky again with a "bye" run. Voltage problem is figured out and we pull the alternator. On way to staging against Jojo, we discover oil pan leak. Fix leak with RTV. Stage against Jojo and run side-by-side 'til mid-track, where the alternator belt breaks. Pack up. Lick wounds. Go home. Just another weekend of racing.

Hyundai Tiburon TourThe 2003 Tiburon Tuner Tour is a 10-event promotion, displaying Hyundai's newest sport compact performance coupe to its target audience. The Tour consists of a performance-tuned Tiburon equipped with an Injen Air-Cooled intake, APC exhaust, Brembo brakes, Eibach springs, ALT wheels, Yokohama tires, Sparco seats, pedals and steering wheel, four-point roll cage and removed rear seats. Local Hyundai dealers are involved at all events by supplying a stock Tiburon for comparison. Summer Slam spectators could sign up for an internet-based sweepstakes for a chance to win a Tiburon.

The "Celebrity Grudge Match" at the IDRC Summer Slam Nationals between Christian Rado and Stephan Papadakis was awesome. Steph was driving the semi built, red six-speed Tiburon while Chris was stuck with the Silver automatic Tib. They both first pulled up to the burnout box. The announcer began to talk about the Tib's hot looks and 181 horsepower. Both drivers got out of their cars and proceeded to yell at one another, harass each other, and get the crowd all riled up. They both got back in the cars and Steph let loose with a huge smoky burnout that continued well beyond the tree. Chris had a cute little one.

When the smoke settled, both cars lined up. After staging, Chris took off first, leaving the line way early. When Steph finally realized what just happened, he launched, caught and passed Rado and the silver Tiburon. Check out the sweepstakes at www.tiburonsweepstakes.com or at the following venues.

Sept. 21-22 NOPI Nationals - Atlanta, GA
Oct. 12-13 IDRC - Phoenix, AZ
Oct. 26-27 NHRA - Pomona, CA
Nov. 23-24 IDRC - Palmdale, CA