As luck would have it, neither of the two cars in front of us were able to manage times as fast as they did in the first session, so we felt confident we could bring home second place. With Brian now out on track, we sat eagerly watching our stopwatches. His first hot lap was a low 1:50; things looked promising. The second lap was another mid 1:49. I radioed Brian to let him know his times and gave him some encouragement to try and clip the eight-tenths we needed for second place. Brian drove the car as hard as he could but our luck had run out with the setup being simply too stiff for the track. Brian unwillingly had to get off the power and fight the understeer too much; he was only able to run a low 1:49.

As the crew headed back to the rig to greet Brian, everyone agreed that considering the competition and having the ill-handling car, fourth place was nothing to be disappointed about. After all, we managed to go over a second faster than we've ever previously gone at this track.

With the rig all packed up and the team back on the road to the shop, we started to discuss what we needed to do to the car for the weekend's event, the Redline Time Attack Finals at Laguna Seca. We discussed how we would be able to make the car pass the strict 92dB sound limit, but that's another story. While this one didn't end with the win we all wanted, everyone was very encouraged with the way the crew and driver managed to keep the car on track and improve our times steadily over the course of the day. As the saying goes, "We'll get 'em next time!"