In the final, Brian Mosholder would have his work cut out for him as his best run at this point was not good enough to beat Fred Ellis' worst. As the tree fell both left the start at virtually the same time, but again, this race would come down to horsepower and Fred easily pulled away finishing with an 11.828 at 113 mph pass to Brian's 12.809 at 105 mph.

Nitto Tires/Turbo Magazine Quick Class
At most events the Quick Class is the most competitive and this year's Summer Slam was no exception as there were four qualifiers in the "9s", 11 in the "10s" and one in the "11s." One badge people weren't expecting to see was that of Mike Crawford who was driving the turbo-powered Dodge Neon (Turbo, September 2001). He was the number two qualifier and definitely not one to bat an eye at as he eagerly showed his ability to catch racers with their pants down.

By the end of the quarterfinal round fans would not see another Honda racing in the Quick class again. Gary Gardella with his Ecko-sponsored Civic (who had just ran his first nine-second pass in the first round) would have to give it up to James Farrer and his turbocharged Nissan Sentra. Brent Rau and his Diamond Star put the smackdown on Rafael Estevez and his Honda by crossing the finish over a second sooner. Mike Crawford and his Dodge Neon just squeaked in his win, beating Sardis Campodonico and his '91 Honda.

The last pair to run was Jimmy O'Connor and Dan Cokic with his Pruven Eclipse. As the light turned green, Jimmy toasted his tires with a touch too much of turbo boost, allowing the AWD of Dan's Eclipse to get the advantage. When Jimmy finally got the car to settle down, he charged hard trying to catch Dan, but this proved to be too little, too late. However, Dan made a crucial mistake after his pass. IDRC requires each racer to weigh their cars after each run to verify weight. One rule for this is they must make the scales under their own power, or they must be towed while supervised by an IDRC official. Dan failed to comply. This bumped Jimmy into the semi- finals. But when the semi-finals started Jimmy was nowhere to be found in the staging lanes and that would give the easy bye run to James Farrer. This left Brent Rau and Mike Crawford to face off in the semi-finals.

Mike was definitely on his game with his Dodge Neon as he pulled past Brent, who was dealing with his own set of problems. So it would be James Farrer and Mike in the final round. But this would never come to pass; the dark clouds that loomed in the sky most of the afternoon started getting darker. And as the rain was dumping and lightning crashing, people were scrambling for shelter. And racers were left to do nothing but pack up for the weekend. James and Mike would split the points and winning purse.

Apex Integration Outlaw Class
At the top of the eight-car qualifying field was the infamous Vinny Ten and his "so close to the sevens" Supra. Four racers from Puerto Rico also made the field in the top five.