In the semis, Mike's Forward Motion Neon got Brent Rau out of the hole nabbing the win with a 9.42 to a quicker 9.39 produced by the Eclipse. Even Gary and Sean had a close race within 2 tenths of a second. Gary has informed us that a new turbo is on its way and hopes to see big improvements. At the end of the semis Gary's 9.6 was not enough to take out Sean's 9.4 pass leaving Glazar in a match with Crawford in the finals. At day's end Sean's blistering 9.28 pass crushed Mike's 9.72. Sean's day has finally come. His DSM has always been brutally quick and he normally qualifies high but experiences driveline problems in competition. Perhaps he has found some durability. We hope so.

APC All-Motor VIII
Another class that has Neon power ahead of the game is the APC all-motor VIII. Although there was only one Neon in the class it was head of the class taking the number one spot with an 11.55. The only other 11-second car in the field was Fred Ellis in his 87 CRX. The two 11-second cars fought their way through eliminations culminating in an 11-second match race in the finals.

The hard-charging Neon Piloted by Scott Mohler took home a first place victory over Fred Ellis in his CRX with an 11.5 over a losing 11.7. Scott's CNNP-sponsored Neon was able to run consistently through the competition laying down an 11.55 to qualify followed by an 11.51, 11.54, 11.52 and an 11.55.

Matt Hartford .775 9.582 101.86 WIN $1,500
Daniel Gonzalez BROKE     $500
Carlos Gonzalez .831 8.549 157.78 WIN $1,500
Waldemar Vazquez .768 9.060 146.86 $500
Sean Glazar .533 9.285 155.87 WIN $2,500
Mike Crawford .633 9.722 133.11 $1,000
Scott Mohler .589 11.555 117.26 WIN $1000
Fred Ellis .467 11.720 113.06 $500
Ozzie Lumpay .782 12.843   Win $500
Jose Santiago .517 11.665   $200
George Campbell .502 14.073   Win $500
Michael Medina .679 13.803   $200
Import Drag Racing Circuit (IDRC)