In the quarterfinals, all four Bugs that were left in the field were paired against Hondas. Aguilar and Ezerioha advanced from the Honda camp and Danny Cerny and Doug Gonzales were able to make it for the Bug squad.

In the semis, it was once again a Bug against a Honda. Gonzales was paired against Ezerioha, while Aguilar paired off with Cerny.

Both Gonzales and Aguilar advanced to the finals so the run for the money was an 'H' vs. 'VW' showdown. The stage was set; would the Hondas have their revenge? At the line, the Bug experienced drivetrain problems, giving the win to Aguilar and the Honda camp.

Importdrag.Com Turbo Magazine Quick Class
In Quick Class, favorites Jojo Callos and Bruce Mortensen were the guys to beat. But you had to root for budget racers Mike Laskey and Mike Carl, who made the trek from Washington. One of the pair qualified with a 9.80. In the first round, all the top qualifiers advanced to the second round except for Carl who was beaten by Dominic Conti.

The quarters went according to the numbers with no surprises except for Conti, who pulled the rabbit out of the hat again by beating number five qualifier Joel Tanzman. Conti cut an awesome light every time, but would it be enough against Callos? In the semis, Callos squared off against Conti, while Mortensen traded blows with Mike Laskey.

Callos was unstoppable, tearing up the track with another 9-second blast and Mortensen followed with a 9.281 of his own. In the final, it was dj vu with Mortensen facing Callos. Mortensen tried to pull an upset, but mechanical problems allowed Callos to take the easy win. True to form, Callos ran a 9.435 in the finals against Mortensen's wounded 20.486.

Apex Integration Outlaw Class
Who reigned supreme in the Outlaw Class? Was it Stephan Papadakis in the world's fastest FWD or Stephanie Reaves, the world's fastest FWD female? In a qualifying round, Papadakis beat Reaves. But who knew what the GM crew had in store for Sunday's elimination rounds. In Sunday's eliminations, Papadakis, Ron Lummus, Reaves and Rene Franco would make it to the semis. Papadakis breezed by Franco while Lummus and Reaves battled it out for an appearance in the finals. Both left the line with nearly identical reaction times but Lummus' launch was the difference, as Reaves couldn't close the gap.

In the closest racing of the day, Lummus was barely able to edge Reaves out with an 8.856 to her 8.891. In the finals, Papadakis took the easy win when Lummus' Bug experienced mechanical problems.

Importdrag.Com Pro Class
With only two competitors in the Pro Class, there would be only one race to decide the winner. Adam Saruwatari in the A&L-sponsored NSX vs. Grant Downing in the Venom Racing Tundra. Only the second time at the track, chassis builder Downing pulled an amazing 7.677 at 179.64 to Saruwatari's 7.844 at 171.23, taking the win and giving the Venom crew a win.

IDRC's next stop will be the Lone Star Nationals at River City Raceway in San Antonio, which should be the event to attend. Bring out the sunscreen, because it will be a scorcher. The question is will records fall in the hot Texas sun? You'll just have to wait and see.