After the humiliation was doled out, I went back to the quarter-mile track to watch the Supra Quick-8 and bracket classes run. People were racing mostly for fun, but some of the 4th-gen Supras running the Quick-8 class were just flat out fast! The slowest qualifying car ran a 12.4 while the quickest ran in the mid-11s, which is quite respectable for cars driven to the track and then driven home. Any fan of Supras knows they can go much faster with heavier mods.

As the day was winding down, many chose to make the half-hour trek to SPI's new facility in Cliffwood Beach, NJ. There, attendees had an opportunity to get their cars up on SPI's dyno and see what they could put to the ground. Making dyno pulls on your car can also be a reality check as many Supra owners found out the horsepower numbers they were bragging to their friends were a bit exaggerated. The dyno doesn't lie. Top performers like Albert Diaz, who generated the highest 4th-gen numbers at 758 whp and 631 lbs-ft of torque, went home happy.

Many commented on how this was a perfect weekend, and I have to agree. Nice weather, good company, and a lot of boosting Toyotas make for plenty of fun. I look forward to that early morning phone call again next year.

Class A
Winner Ken Sensei 24.48 Solara
Runner-up Ara Arslanian 29.13 Matrix
Class B
Winner Anthony Giovannoie 27.06 Celica
Runner-up Kevin Sensei 27.21 Celica
Third Rick Myrick 27.35 Mk3 Supra
Class C
Winner Lawrence Wong 24.90 MR2
Runner-up Alex Wohlwed 27.13 Mk4 Supra
Third Erven Taylor 27.35 Mk4 Supra
Supra Quick 8
Winner Alan Stanek 11.34 @ 131 mph
Runner-up Robert Mangual 11.83 @ 116 mph
Supra Bracket 1
Winner Adam Hessel '93 Supra
Runner-up Viladri Basu '91 Supra
Semi Francis Mabutas '93 Supra
Semi Juan Marcano '85 Supra
Winner Albert Diaz 758.8 whp
Runner-up Victor Ivanov 648.6 whp
Third Alan Stanek 618.5 whp
Fourth Francis Mabutas 514.5 whp
Winner Matthew Talbert 452.7 whp
Runner-up David Constentino 309.2 whp