As others seemed to struggle with the nighttime set-up Steph and company marched on. When you're putting 800 hp through a front driver, traction hiccups are a constant companion. Steph was joined in the finals by Nelson Hoyos and the GM Racing Cavalier. This was the first time a Modified event came down to a FWD vs. FWD money race. In another remarkable spectacle of speed Steph went 8.412 at 173.74 to Nelson's 8.415 at 173.74 (no typo). The big difference was Steph's .488 reaction compared to Nelson's .602. It was a close race all the way down the track with the win light answering the question.

Pro was up for grabs as a good number of the points leaders were not on hand. Manny Cruz stepped up with his V6 twin turbo Cougar. After limping into the field with a 9.46, the Cougar, crewed by Ralphy Estevez from DRT, ran an 8.43 and then got lucky when John Lingenfelter red-lit a 7.32 in the semis.

The final pitted Manny against Grant Downing and the Venom Tundra. There were more dramatic turns in 1,320 feet of the finals than in most Formula 1 races. The result sheet shows Manny got a .490 to .564 advantage off the line. But the Cougar bogged badly just past the 60-foot mark and Grant pulled away and his next stop looked to be victory lane. Manny got it back together and did not hesitate getting the accelerator wide open. Grant had problems on the top end and Manny zipped past 40 feet from the lights, winning with an 8.455 at 179 mph to Grant's 8.66 at 146 mph.

There was an eerie resonance surrounding the BFGoodrich Sport Compact Nationals but the action on the track struck a familiar chord as the most lethal high-tech import racers vividly illustrated why there is indeed a replacement for displacement.

Winner Jesus Padilla '85 Mazda RX-7 (20B) 10.54@125
Runner-up Ken Scheepers '79 RX-7 (13B) 11.64@115
Winner Mark Mazurowsli '94 Titan MS Supra 9.46@153
Runner-up Justin Nenni '95 Supra broke
Winner Kenny Tran Jotech/Norwood Civic 11.46 @83
Runner-up Viren Singh JL Audio Civic broke
Winner Stephan Papadakis AEM Drag Civic 8.41@173
Runner-up Nelson Hoyos GM Racing Cavalier 8.41@173
Winner Manny Cruz DRT/Duttweiler Cougar 8.45@179
Runner-up Crant Downing Venom Tundra 8.66@146
Winner Matt Scranton Turbonetics Drag Barrier Celica 7.16@195
Runner-up John Mihovetz AccuFab Cougar 7.99@175