Turbo Magazine's Timeslip Of The DayWhile Hoyos and Steph provided some fireworks in their Modified final we selected the semifinal showdown between Kenny Tran (Jotech/Norwood Civic) and Bruce Mortensen (Venom Racing Civic) as the Turbo Magazine Timeslip Of The Day. This epic showdown, in essence the final as Viren Singh's Civic was not running well on the top end, illustrates how intensely competitive Hot Rod has become. Running a 9.08 in a unibody Civic and losing just isn't right.

REACTION .566   .472
60 foot 1.632   1.531
330 4.178   4.096
1/8 e.t 6.100   6.023
1/8 mph 129.57   130.07
1000 7.729   7.701
1/4 e.t. 9.087   9.088
1/4 mph 167.78   162.92

NHRA/Turbo Magazine Track Conduct SeminarThe NHRA/Turbo Magazine Track Conduct Seminar is a way for beginners to learn the ropes of drag racing. By understanding where to be and when and knowing what will happen from the staging lanes to the staging lights and beyond, newcomers to our sport will get more enjoyment out of the experience.

The seminar was conducted by Turbo magazine editor Evan Griffey and featured input from NHRA officials and Hot Rod class driver Kenny Tran who went on to win the event. NHRA officials ran down what to expect in tech, safety basics and more while Kenny, who started as a bracket racer himself, offered some behind the wheel insight into the intricacies that make the brackets so fun.

The NHRA/Turbo Magazine Track Conduct Seminar will continue throughout 2002 and may well be conducted in 2003. It's free of charge to those already entered to race and more details can be gleaned at www.turbomagazine.com.

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