The Norwalk Fire Department had to be dispatched but by the time they showed up the car was a complete loss. This was the first time in Norwalk's 40-year history that a car burned beyond repair. It was later found that the fuel rail was not bolted on properly causing the fuel leak that started the fire. The fire under the car burned through the plastic fuel cell pretty quickly, adding even more fuel to the fire, so to speak. It is rumored a new car is already in the works and under construction.

The one non-flaming disappointment during the event was the number of fast Subarus that turned up. There were A LOT of Subarus, just not many fast ones. John Schroeck brought out the fastest STi on the grounds, running a best of 11.73 at 118.34 mph.

The classes were organized to keep the fields very broad and easy to run in for many types of setups.

The track was open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Competition was over by around 3 p.m. which left two hours for additional time trials. The track ran very smoothly throughout the day leaving enough time for some guys to get over 20 passes in for testing and competition.

The following day there was a car show and gathering at Buschur Racing with about 150 people attending.

A second event is already being scheduled for 2006. It will be held on a Saturday and Sunday. Saturday will include dyno runs on Buschur Racing's new AWD Mustang chassis dyno, a car show and food and drinks. Sunday will be an all-day race event and the goal is to get the biggest and best all-wheel drivers on the same track at the same time. Check for more news at

1st place Al Friedman
2003 Evo VIII 10.28 at 138.67 mph
2nd place Yusuf Begic
1993 Evo II 10.70 at 128.41 mph
3rd place Mike Carter
2003 Evo VIII 12.18 at 115.61 mph

EVO VS. WRXThis class was run on a heads-up Pro Tree, as were all the others except for the Bracket class. DOT tires, full interior and exhaust and no nitrous were the only rules. There were only two Subarus that even attempted to run this class. For those two guys, thank you for your bravery.

1st place Daryl Hudson
1991 Eclipse 10.42 at 130.47 mph
2nd place Eric Jones
1991 Galant VR4 11.53 at 121.79 mph
3rd place Eric Gaudi
1994 Talon 11.11 at 135.39 mph

Mitsubishi Q8This was an anything goes class. Slicks, nitrous, RWD or anything you could dream up as long as a Mitsubishi engine powered it.

1st place Tony Simmons
2004 STi 13.36 at 104.07 mph
2nd place Greg Feinstien
2005 STi 13.81 at 105.58 mph
3rd place John Schroeck
2004 STi BROKE
3rd place Corey Hurcomb
2004 STi 14.29 at 96.99 mph

Subaru Q8Set up exactly like the Mitsubishi Q8 class with the exception of all vehicles had to be Subaru powered.

1st place Andrew Quick
2004 WRX 13.09 at 101.67 mph
2nd place Ryan Gross
2004 STi 12.87 at 105.65 mph
3rd place Demetrius Jones
2002 Impreza 14.46 at 90.02 mph

Bracket ClassThis was an anything-goes class, the only rule the car had to be Mitsubishi or Subaru powered.