Stock pickup points

Custom eight-point cage with NASCAR-style door bars

Vehicle 411:
The car was designed to be (first of all) reliable and fast. You cannot win without finishing the race. A lot of emphasis was put on simplicity and function-to-performance ratio to get the best of both worlds. The simplest versus the fastest class car equals success. Speed comes from the synchronization of engine power output to the suspension and chassis. Perfect balance is equal to speed and best of all it's a giant killer. Currently leading this year's championship points in SU class in NASA (in a Honda).

Fastest Lap Time To Date:
(Fastest lap time) record holder in Super Street Time Attack
1:58 Buttonwillow conference No. 13 on Toyos

Sponsors:, Vogtland Sport Suspension, Motul, Toyo Tires, and Tokico

Future Plans:
Run all high-profile time attack events, race in NASA's Super Unlimited and H1 classes.

LBGP 2008 Super Lap Battle Best Time: 1:41.209
Unlimited FF Class
1998 Integra Type R
Owner: Raceline Development
Driver: Elton Lo
Horsepower and torque: 220 hp and 147 lb-ft of torque
Vehicle weight: 2,400 pounds without driver

TODA cams
TODA valvesprings
TODA retainers
Darton MID sleeves
Arias Pistons
Raceline stroker kit
RBC intake manifold
Hasport mount kit

Transmission/Gears/Clutch/Differential:5.0 Final Drive
KAAZ limited-slip differentail

Zeal Super Function coilovers
Front (spring rate) 20kg
Rear (spring rate) 16kg
Volk TE37 15x8 +45mm offset (front)
Volk TE37 15x7 +35mm offset (rear)
225/45-15 Hoosier (front)
205/50-15 Hoosier (rear)

MUGEN bucket seat
MUGEN steering wheel

Raceline SPL-prepped six-point rollcageStitch welding and bracing

Fastest Lap Time To Date:
Buttonwillow 2:04.0 No. 13 clockwise

Raceline Development, Volk Wheels, and J's Racing Japan

Future plans:
200 mph class record at Bonneville Speedway