18x10.5 C22 HRE Performance Wheels
285-30R18 Pirelli PZero Slick (NASA events)
295-30R18 Hoosier (SSLB events)Exterior:
Widebody kit, tin/carbon belly pan

MOMO seats, MOMO steering wheel, and Auto Meter gauges

Steen NASCAR chassis cage, fuel cell, tinwork, and solid bushings

Vehicle 411:
Chris Rado's WORLD Racing Time Attack Scion tC started out as a 300hp turbocharged, big braked, coilovered, gutted street car that evolved in the last year into what you all know as "Black Betty," the 545whp, 575 wheel torque, front-wheel-drive, four-cylinder monster that makes 1.27-minute lap times at Willow Springs, Calif.

Fastest Lap Time To Date:
Willow Springs, Calif., FWD record holder: 1:27.34

Scion, WORLD Racing/WORLD electronics, NOS Energy Drink, Bullseye Power, ACT, JE Pistons, Ferrea Valves, HRE Performance Wheels, APR Performance, EF1 Motorsports, Brembo, Kaminari, GP Motorsports, and Steen Chassis

Future Plans:
Complete domination of the Unlimited Class

LBGP 2008 Super Lap Battle Best Time: 1:40.095
Limited AWD Class
2003 Mitsubishi Evo
Owner: SIX Autoworks
Driver: Robert Tallini
Horsepower and torque: 450 whp and 438 lb-ft of torque
Vehicle Weight: 2,805 pounds (2,995 pounds with driver)

Stock bottom end
HKS 272-degree camshaft
HKS Racing spark plugs
A'PEXi Isamu RX6 Turbo kit
Koyo radiator
Tomei oil thermostat
Sard thermostat
A'PEXi filter
A'PEXi induction box
A'PEXi D-Jetro
Power Enterprise Timing Belt
GReddy balancer belt
XS Engineering intercooler piping kit

Sheppard Racing Transmission with custom gears
Carbonetics triple-disc carbon clutch
Sheppard Racing transfer case
Quaife limited-slip differential (front)
B&M short shifter
TEIN Super Racing Coilovers (EDFC x2)
Nagisa Auto front and rear lower control arm
Nagisa Auto tie rod end
Cusco chassis bars
Cusco 21mm front sway bar
Cusco 23mm rear sway bar
Front (spring rate) 12kg
Rear (spring rate) 12kg

Volk RE30 18x9 +35mm offset
265/35-18 Hankook Z212
Custom brake ducts

Recaro SPG buckets
Crow six-point harnesses

Design Craft custom chromoly cage
DME front and rear strut tower bars

Fastest Lap Time To Date:
Buttonwillow 2:01
No. 13 clockwise

Raceline Development, Volk Wheels, and J's Racing Japan

Future plans:
Whatever is needed. A 700hp engine is currently being built.

LBGP 2008 Super Lap Battle Best Time: 1:41.058
Limited FF Class
2000 Honda Civic Si
Owner: FastTrack Motorsports
Driver: Jack Mardikian
Horsepower and torque: 220 hp at 7,200 rpm and 166 lb-ft of torque at 6,600 rpm
Vehicle weight: 2,204 pounds (2,367 pounds with driver)

Honda K20
JDM '03 RSX Type R Spec heads
Stock cams based on NASA HC H1 class rules, unmodified
Stock JDM '03 RSX Type R bottom end
Custom Headers
Hondata ECU

'03 RSX Type S transmission
Type R limited slip differential

Vogtland springs
Tokico HTS racing shocks
Stock front way bar
Type R rear sway bar with adjustable links
Ingalls Engineering camber adjustable front and rear upper control arms
Ingalls Engineering rear toe adjustable link
Custom poly bushings
Front (spring rate) 700 pounds, 8-inch 2.5-inch id Vogtland springs
Rear (spring rate) 1,050 pounds, 8-inch 2.5-inch id Vogtland springs

16x7.5 Kosei K1 38mm offset with a half-inch spacer
245/45-16 Toyo R888
MOMO racing seat
MOMO racing steering wheel with quick release
Custom Fuel Safe Racing fuel cell