Pressurization is generated by an Extreme Motorsports-spec Garrett hybrid turbo charger. The turbo sports secret spec'd housing A/Rs and wheel trims and is a key factor in the Diamond Star's speed. The intake charge is chilled by a front-mounted air-to-air intercooler prior to entering the turbo system's 3-inch intercooler ducting. When the car is really hooked up a Nitrous Express single-nozzle wet manifold nitrous system is squeezed into play from the line to the traps. The system is configured to add 100 horsepower to the party-that'll get it done.

On the fuel enrichment side we find an interesting mix of components. The fuel system utilizes two high-flow Bosch pumps that feed eight 550cc injectors which are driven by a Haltech E6S-8 engine management system. An Essex regulator controls the flow of race gas to a custom Extreme Motorsports fuel rail. Air is introduced to the combustion chamber by four individual throttle bodies, spark is zapped in by a single-coil-per-cylinder Extreme Motorsports ignition system where Magnecor wires and NGK plugs light off the mixture of C-16 and boost. Sean has gotten a lot of mileage out of his motor but still has a few tweaks in store for the powerplant during the cold Maryland winter.

Getting the power to the pavement is key but an all-wheel-drive car poses some unique challenges. If you do too good of a job, you'll break axles, transfer cases, transmissions etc. Koni coilovers that utilize Eibach ERS springs dictate the transfer of weight while a factory front sway bar and Suspension Techniques rear sway bar increase stability. The Talon claws at the track via M&H slicks. Sean runs 24.5x8.5x15 gumballs on Bogart Racing Dragonfly Star wheels. After tripping the lights in a tick under 150 mph the Diamond Star is brought to a halt with the stock braking system which has been enhanced with Power Stop rotors, Axxis Metal Master pads and stainless-steel brake lines (and a parachute if necessary).

The interior is all race with a 10-point NHRA-certified roll cage from Autofab Race Cars providing protection and adding to the car's rigidity. Piloting the 9-second screamer is an all Sparco affair-Sean is strapped into a Sparco racing bucket seat and guides the Talon down the track via a trick Sparco steering wheel. Instrumentation is handled by Auto Meter Phantom Series gauges while a Phoenix Fire Suppression System is on call to extinguish any flames should things go awry.