Four 750cc MSD squirters ensure that the turbocharged powerplant is fully fueled. A steady supply of high-octane juice is fed into the Climax fuel rail by a Paxton fuel pump and Essex regulator. On the ignition end a MSD 6AL box and Blaster 3 coil amplifies the spark energy before feeding it through NGK plug wires. Denso Iridium Power spark plugs ignite the highly volatile air/fuel mixture. Engine management chores were left to an Accel DFI computer. Javier of JG brushed his magic fingers over the laptop to the tune of 503.0 hp and 378.1 lbs-ft of torque at only 20 psi of boost pressure. The 500-plus hp was ample enough to propel the 2350-pound Civic down the strip for a sizzling 10.91-second quarter mile at 134 mph.

With so much power available at the wheels, traction issues had to be addressed. Tokico five-way adjustable shocks are combined with Ground Control coilovers. To keep the Civic from planting the rear wheels into the asphalt at the track, 1000-psi springs were placed out back and 750-psi springs were installed up front. At the strip, the Civic runs 25x8.5x13 M&H slicks with Bogart drag wheels up front, while the rear runs a pair of 15x4 Bogart skinnies. On the streets, the Honda rolls Dazz Motorsports CP8 RH Evolution aluminum wrapped with Pirelli rubber. Bringing the Honda to a halt are Power Slot rotors and Metal Matrix pads.

Surprisingly enough, Grueber's Civic still sees street duty on a fairly regular basis as the Honda is both registered and insured. Grueber has plans to finish the project, as the Honda is still not up to his standards. He plans on adding a one-piece front end, fiberglass doors and fiberglass hatch to further reduce the Civic's curb weight, making attacks on the 1320 a quicker experience. Boosting the B18C for more power and adding wheelie bars are also in the works which may take the Civic off the street-but you never know with Grueber.

Once a prey and now a predator, Grueber prowls the streets, looking for his next victim-the once rumpity thump V8 owner has become a pint-size Honda-wielding assassin.

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