In Turbo 6 applications, steel main caps are used on the center mains only because that is where most of the load is absorbed. With the previously mentioned need for reinforcement in the bottom-end, the use of steel main caps and quality fasteners, such as ARP hardware, is good insurance, especially if the engine is expected to produce more than casual street performance.

Our crank will be secured by Pro Gram Engineering steel main caps and ARP fasteners will be used exclusively on the caps and connecting rods. A Fel Pro neoprene main seal (PN BS40613) will be used in place of the inferior stock rope-style seal. We have also upgraded to a Cloyes double roller timing chain (PN 9-3100) and have added a high-flow Melling oil pump (PN K-201PHV).

Going into the planning portion of the build-up, we wanted to turn the boost up to 18-20 psi. We forgot to mention that we plan to upgrade the turbo. What many enthusiasts fail to realize is that it is air volume, not boost pressure, that results in added thrust when the hammer is dropped. It is likely that our Limit Engineering turbo will flow more air at 15 psi than our stocker did and, therefore, make more power. The key is to tabulate all of the factors of the build-up, pick the best parts one can afford, keep things reliable and let the chips fall where they may when it comes to power and quarter-mile performance.

At this point, the short block has been 95-percent assembled. In the next installment we will catch up with our heads, which are at BPE Racing Heads, and lay the groundwork for the rest of the engine build-up series. Stay tuned.

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