"At first, I was not too sure what to expect and after my first two outings, I was getting worried. I had a terrible time with the car pulling hard in one direction and, after having to abort several passes, we came back and made some changes-and they worked. The car ran smooth and straight, but track conditions are much more important to the FWD as it is 100-percent dependent on the front tires for traction. The AWD is more forgiving; you can bully it a bit more. FWD, on the other hand, is all momentum; if you get can it going and keep it going, it will run fast.

"At this point in the game, I am still feeling the car out and making small changes as we go along. To say which is faster? I don't know. We stopped running the Talon and felt that it could have gone several tenths faster, but it was the end of the season. Overall, they do run very similarly with having to be more careful in the FWD with shift points and staying perfectly in the groove down the track and not letting the car get away from you."

The only remaining question is: What's up with the Talon? "You know," said Glazar, "that is the number one asked question when we go to the track. Since we came back from Pomona last year, it has been sitting on one of our lifts. At this point, there is no intention of running the car anytime soon. It is hard to believe that after five years of campaigning it, we stopped cold turkey with it. But she will be back. When? Only time will tell. In the meantime the Quick Class should look out, there's a new Diamond Star in town and its performance is no mirage."

Power Technik

VEHICLE 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage
BEST E.T. 9.73 @ 152.04
FORCED INDUCTION Turbonetics T-Series
INTERCOOLER Extreme Motorsports air-to-air
NITROUS OXIDE Nitrous Express
  two-stage single nozzle
FUEL SYSTEM Bosch pump (2), regulator SX,
  Eight 550cc injectors
IGNITION SYSTEM Extreme modified individual
  coil per cylinder
AIR INTAKE Extreme fabricated sheetmetal,
  individual throttle bodies
EXHAUST Custom Extreme 4-into-1
  split design header
BOOST CONTROL Tial wastegate, Extreme
  XBC boost controller

(2nd Gear Launch)
60' 1.775
330' 4.579
1/8 6.668
1/8MPH 118.75
1000' 8.464
1/4- 9.950
1/4MPH 150.30
60' 1.689
1/8 6.508
1/8MPH 121.41
1/4 9.733
1/4MPH 152.04