We were covering the event and noticed how the car would walk off the line and then bone out hard past the Christmas tree. Problems with the first gear synchros had forced Glazar to launch in second gear. That's right, the Mirage ran a 9-second e.t. while launching in second gear. Factor in the car's 25-inch slicks and this feat becomes even more impressive.

Back at the shop, it was determined that the Mitsubishi's wandering behavior at the top-end was due to the wheelie bars. They were reconfigured to provide additional adjustability. The engine's Haltech E6K engine management was tweaked for more power and the crew set off for the IDRC event at Englishtown. Right out of the box, the Mirage screamed to a 9.73 at 152 mph. The rest of the weekend would be a struggle as the car was "plagued with the infamous Mitsubishi transmission problems" to be solved through R&D later this year.

So what makes this beast tick? Look no further than the engine bay. The 4G63's reciprocating assembly consists of a polished and balanced stock crank, custom Extreme/Ross pistons and Crower rods. Glazar said the intake, injectors, fuel pumps, intercooler, turbo and head have been scavenged off of the Talon. The cylinder head is a fully tweaked unit fitted with Web Cam bumpsticks and Web Cam retainers and springs. Unorthodox Racing adjustable cam gears help dial in the cams. ARP fasteners keep the head planted, as the Turbonetics T-Series hair dryer pressurizes the 4G63's performance to a maximum of 30 psi. Overboosting is not a threat, thanks to a Tial wastegate and Extreme XBC boost controller. The Diamond Star is outfitted with a two-stage, single-nozzle nitrous system from Nitrous Express. The first stage is jetted to 50 hp and, when activated, stage two adds an additional 50 stampeding ponies to the mix. Like the Talon, engine management chores are handled by a Haltech system. "The Talon ran an E6S-8 and the Mirage runs on an E6K," said Glazar. "The difference? The E6K has some extra outputs I used for a shift light. As far as the programming, the E6K allows you to import the E6S maps and I used the program from the Talon to start with. After playing with the program for a while, we extracted 603.4 hp on the Extreme Dynojet. Peak torque checked in at 513.4 ft-lbs and many people don't realize that it's torque where the 4G63 has the advanage over the Hondas. "

Putting the power down is a new challenge for the Extreme team. The transmission they are using is a stock 1993-'94 Eclipse FWD unit that uses Eclipse axles. A Clutch Masters aluminum flywheel and race-prepped clutch handle power transfer, while the combination of Koni shocks, Eibach ERS springs and M&H gumballs ensure that maximum traction is achieved. The slicks are 8.7x25x13s mounted to 13x8 Bogart Racing Pro 4 wheels while the rear consists of skinnies-15x3.5 Bogeys and 2x24x15 rubber.

The traction equation has greatly changed for Glazar; he's moving from all-wheel drive to front-wheel drive. We asked him what was different about the experience of having only two wheels pulling him down the track.