To keep the compressed charges cool and the system running efficiently, the factory intercooler was replaced with a custom unit about three times its size. This was fabricated by welding two 300ZX cores together, and is, unfortunately, a one-off piece that cannot be found in HKS' product catalog. Exhaust gases are ushered out through a stainless steel HKS downpipe that features two separate chambers, one for the wastegate and one to drive the turbine wheel. The piece is actually a Japanese-spec HKS part for the Mitsubishi Lancer that fit into the Eclipse with minimal modifications. It allows for optimal exhaust flow, minimizes turbo backpressure and actually lets the turbo spool slightly faster, according to Nufable. Excess pressure is liberated by an HKS Racing Blow Off Valve Type II, which is a racing-type bypass valve with a full aluminum body and single pull-type valve that can accommodate up to 35 psi of pressure. Rounding out the package is a Random Technologies high-flow cat and HKS Hiper exhaust system with a stainless-steel muffler and tip.

With such dramatically augmented airflow capabilities, attention was prudently turned to the car's ignition and fuel delivery systems. An HKS Vein Pressure Converter (VPC) has replaced the factory airflow meter, which reads manifold pressure and mimics the factory unit's electrical signal, but not its restrictive mechanical design. The VPC also allowed Nufable to easily dial in his desired air/fuel mixture.

Juice is supplied by an HKS external fuel pump upgrade and 550cc injectors. Ignition spark is masterminded by an HKS Twin Power Ignition Amplifier, a distributorless type ignition, and reaches the combustion chamber via Magnecor 8mm silicon plug wires and high-temperature HKS S35G Super Fire iridium spark plugs. All of this is tied together and monitored by a G-Force ECU upgrade and engine management software

The car's exterior has seen a number of improvements as well-most obvious among them is the 1997 front bumper and headlight assembly. The later assembly has been upgraded with Koito white-beam headlamps, on both high and low beam settings. Since these pictures were taken, Pilot Motorsport fog lights have been installed in the lower fascia.

The suspension has also been upgraded to keep the car solid under heavy-load acceleration. The stock springs and shock absorbers were swapped out and replaced with Eibach Sportline springs and GAB Super HP adjustable shocks, respectively. Volk Racing TE37 Diamond Black wheels and super-grippy Toyo Proxes T1-S tires (235/40/18) make up the running gear.