As far as programming is concerned, all adjustments are made by manipulating bar graphs and pressing arrow keys to increase or decrease the amount of fuel delivered at that particular load point. The process is repeated for all load points in each rpm range. The 13B runs two primary injectors and two secondary injectors to fulfill its fuel enrichment commitment. An SX fuel pump, -8 lines, SX regulator and custom Rampage fuel rail round out the system. With fuel and air in the combustion chamber the only remaining ingredient is spark. The 13B relies on an MSD 6A box, Magnecor 10 mm wires and GReddy plugs to light the fire.

Since the engine is so light, the Miata retains its balanced handling characteristics. The suspension is enhanced by means of a set of Tein coil-overs, which drop the car's center of gravity by 2.5-inches in front and 2.6-inches out back. The fun factor when slicing through canyons is increased with the addition of Racing Beat sway bars and Baer Racing upgraded brakes.

In addition to the RX-7 engine, the Miata sports an accompanying RX-7 transmission and rear-end. To make the driveline work, Rampage used an RX-7 rear subframe, custom billet aluminum tranny mounts and a custom aluminum driveshaft. An ACT six-puck clutch helps put the power down to the road.

The Miata flexes a Racing Beat body kit and roll bar, but plans call for the addition of an NHRA-spec set-up and a 100-hp nitrous system. With these mods on line, the Mazda roller skate will shock any vehicle that crosses its path.