Hard Rolling
The aura of the Supra's buffed-out body is further brightened by 18-inch Veilside aluminum and Pirelli P-Zero rubber. The Supra flexes massive 18x11 wheels in front (no mistake!) and 18x13s in the rear. These are wrapped by 285/35s and 335/30s respectively. With the power of the inline six and the girth of the rolling stock, keeping the Supra suspended is no easy feat. A Tein Type HA suspension system consisting of four dampers, main springs, helper springs, lower spring seats, seat locks, spacer spring seats and all pertinent hardware is the weapon of choice. The dampers are 16-position adjustable and fully rebuildable. A TRD strut tower brace in front and a Cusco brace join the Tein underpinnings in the rear. Bring the gargantuan rolling stock to a halt is another tall order. An order filled out expeditiously by race-bred Brembo brakes.

Cockpit Control
There is so much going on in the Supra's cockpit that even an F-16 pilot would be overwhelmed. Knowledge is power; you need to keep a close eye on the engine when you're pushing big power like the Big Stick. From a snug-fitting Bride bucket seat, the driver, gripping a MOMO Millennium steering wheel, is faced with a myriad of readouts. There are five GReddy electronic warning gauges at work; a 3 Bar boost gauge, EGT, fuel pressure, air/fuel ratio and temperature gauge. A trick TRD tach is joined by a SP Engineering intercooler temperature gauge that monitors temps before and after the chiller. The dials are set in a custom, carbon-fiber dash trim package.

The Big Stick Supra makes a brash, blunt and bombastic statement on the power and style potential of the JZA80. It's cars like the Mk IVs featured in this section that lend further credence to us picking the Supra as the best used performance car bargain in the February edition. If this "Supra Stars" issue goes over as well as the first, look for another Supra issue at the end of the 2001 run. Next time, we plan to feature more street/strip examples and more in-depth tech. If the planets align, there may be a JZA80 in our stable of project cars.