Power Play
The power of the Supra's Big Stick comes from its turbo system, which features twin HKS GT2835 ball-bearing turbos, an HKS Racing blow-off valve and a GReddy front-mounted air-to-air intercooler. Boost is regulated by an HKS EVC Pro controller and contained by an HKS metal head gasket.

The effectiveness of the turbos is maximized in a number of ways. First, an HKS Vein Pressure Converter has been employed to replace the restrictive factory mass air set-up. Second, a pair of HKS 264 cams were employed to free the flow through the head. Third, a custom downpipe and trick HKS titanium exhaust system keep the hot gases moving once they have boosted the turbine wheel. And last but not least, the combination has been tuned to maximum optimization. Playing a supporting roll on the 2JZ-GTE are adjustable HKS cam gears and a GReddy underdrive pulley kit.

At 2 Bar of boost (29.4 psi) it's obvious the engine is ingesting a high volume of air. SP Engineering has constructed a stout fuel system to meet the demands unleashed by a herd of 800 stampeding horses. It's an all-HKS show featuring a high-flow in-tank pump, custom fuel rail, 680cc squirters and an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. The VPC is tag-teamed with a Graphic Control Computer (GCC) to precisely ration the fuel as the twin GT2835s come on line. As mentioned earlier, the VPC improves flow by replacing the restrictive OE air meter. The VPC also coverts the metering to speed density and allows the enthusiast to tune the fuel curve. The VPC has a 16-bit central processing unit that reads its own intake air temperature and absolute pressure signals and relays the proper information to the car's ECU. The GCC enhances the effectiveness of the VPC by providing a more precise range of tuning increments.

Pavement Pounding
With the engine straining on the edge of physics, it's a foregone conclusion that a good deal of that stress is transferred to the driveline. To keep the flow of power steady, the Supra's six-speed gearbox has been fortified with an HKS triple-disc clutch. Engaged, the hard-biting clutch spins an ACPT carbon fiber driveshaft. In the cockpit, a C's short throw shifter is on-call to help quicken gear transitions.

Body Shaping
The Big Stick Supra has raw power, but when it comes to styling, this ain't no sleeper. The Supra's muscular silhouette is accented by a custom-fabricated sheetmetal wide-body treatment, a cool C-West carbon fiber wing, a Bomex front bumper and a Veilside hood.