10.54 @ 133 mph ( street tires )
How fast can I go? Well, how much money do you have? This exchange is a common one between power-hungry enthusiasts and tuning gurus. Will the pursuit for speed break the bank? Depends on the platform in question.

The Diamond Star platform is an all-star caliber performer. The DSM can go really fast in street trim with moderate upgrades; the first generation platform is the standout. You get a better head than newer models and a dramatically lower entrance fee for a car that is a willing participant in the pursuit of power. But how far can you push it with simple off-the-shelf bolt-ons? David Buschur of Buschur Racing has an answer-the Hugger Orange 1991 Talon TSi that graces these pages. The car was conceptualized as a street/strip proposition that retained its street drivability mechanically but got a bit carried away in the interior, which looks full-race for safety reasons.

Block Party
The foundation for thrust is a Stage 3 Buschur Racing short block fitted with a knife-edged and balanced crank, Crower con rods and 9.0:1 JE pistons. The block was bored 0.020-inches, honed and hot-tanked. Perched atop the 2.0-liter is a Stage 3 head that has been pumped for high-rpm duty.

Stainless-steel stock-spec valves, titanium retainers and shimmed springs react to special Buschur-spec camshafts as the 4G63 spins wildly to its 9000-rpm redline. Pressure is sealed in via ARP hardware and a stock Mitsu gasket.

Pressure Point
The stock TD05-14G has been discarded in favor of a Buschur Racing BR-57 Garrett-based T3/T4 hybrid. The turbine housing of the unit has been designed to Buschur Racing's specs and the wheel's trim and other details are proprietary. The turbo is positioned via a trick cast manifold and is regulated by a Turbonetics Deltagate and a Hallman manual boost controller.

The manifold looks like a nice piece of work, with thick flanges, large primaries, excellent turbo location and good placement of its external wastegate flange. Intercooling chores are handled by a Buschur Racing front-mount kit that utilizes a 33.5x13x3.5 inch core and 2.5-inch diameter inlet piping and 3-inch outlet piping to deliver the chilled charge air.