There is a lot to keep track of, too. The Nissan was strapped to Dynolab's Dynojet chassis dyno, where it screamed to 365 hp and 378 lb-ft of torque. Geelow had the physical proof that his power quest had been successful indeed, but it was time to take it to the street.

Attack The RoadBecause this is a street-driven machine, the suspension has been augmented to handle the maximum firepower. The suspension system and the car's rear-drive configuration are two of the 240SX's strong suits. Geelow made these attributes stronger still by grafting on Koni five-position adjustable struts and Eibach Sportline springs. The Eibach coils provide 2-inches of drop all around, while the Konis allow quick tuning of damping rates to match Geelow's expectations. For long commutes, he may dial in the softer setting; when he foresees a spirited driving session, more firmness can be brought into the picture.

Wanting a total package, Geelow addressed the braking system by upgrading to drilled and slotted 300ZX rotors in the back and 300ZX calipers up front. The final link to the pavement is provided by 18-inch Kumho Ecsta Supra 712 tires, mounted to 18x7-inch OZ Racing F1 Racing aluminum.

Power is put to the pavement by a five-speed manual transmission, fortified with a lightened flywheel and a Centerforce Dual Friction clutch. The axles, driveshaft and rearend are all factory Nissan.

Inside & OutThe interior has not made a clean getaway. Geelow has added a trio of pillar-mounted gauges. The GReddy meters monitor boost, oil pressure and exhaust gas temperature and Geelow was smart to get white-faced dials to match the factory white-faced gauge pod. He also employed a 10-piece red carbon fiber dash trim kit to further liven things inside.

Outside, the 240's sleek bodylines have been accented with a complete GRacer aero kit. The kit consists of a lip spoiler, side skirts and a rear treatment. The car has retained its stock black hue.

Foreman has done well; by serving in Kuwait, he saved enough money to transform his 240 into a boosted highway prowler. At 365 hp, has his thirst for thrust been fulfilled once and for all? Or will this 240 be a full-race proposition in 12 months? If it's the latter, he'd better be transferred again really soon. Racing ain't cheap.