Drivetrain upgrades have been kept to a minimum with the exception of a Blitz Active dual-disc clutch transferring the power from a lightened flywheel to the six-speed manual transmission and TRD limited-slip differential. A Blitz Sachs SP7 coilover set-up provides the lowered stance and extra road-hugging grip at full thrust.

Nicely filling the wheel well of the Altezza are 18-inch Blitz Technospeed rims, which are home to extra-sticky Dunlop FM901 tires. Residing within the stock binders are upgraded Blitz performance brake pads. Further closing the ground space between the asphalt and body is a Blitz body kit. The kit consists of a front lip spoiler, front grille, rear spoiler and three-piece tail. Not only does the kit add an aggressive aura to the Altezza, but also the extra downforce needed for the high-speed oval.

With the amount of modifications performed on the Altezza, you would think it was a pure track car, but it is far from that. Blitz claims the Toy still sees the streets on a regular basis and from the working radio and full interior amenities, we believe them. The idea of having a four-door family car doesn't seem so bad after all, huh?