Generally, a full race cam would probably not work to well for the street; its powerband is probably high in the rpm range and not at the lower engine speeds needed for around-town driving. An engine with really high compression would probably not work with a low-lift, short-duration cam because the engine would be starved for air.

More power can be made with the higher lift and duration cam. Contemplating changing camshafts? Check out the basics we've thought of for you before you add to your performance package.

Before You Buy Answer These Questions1.What type of driving are you planning on doing most? (street, street/strip, strip only)

2. Where is your engine's powerband, and where will the cams produce their best power gains?

3. Will the idle still be smooth or will it lope?

4. Is low-rpm performance important to you or top-end power?

5. Will the camshaft(s) still pass local emissions law testing?

6. Will the camshaft work with your forced-induction system?

7. Do I need to upgrade the springs and retainers?

8. Will it work with your current combination? (high compression, low compression, etc.)

9. Will it work with your automatic transmission?

10. Do I need to install adjustable cam gears or do they work with the stock gears?

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