When the idea for an all-encompassing guide to B-series aftermarket parts was born, we initially thought we could run it all together in one issue. No dice. It's just too big. This is the second installment. The first, which covered bottom-end parts, can be found in last month's issue.

This part deals with components that make up the cylinder head or get bolted to it, like intakes, intake manifolds, fuel systems and headers. We've also included supercharger, turbo and nitrous kits. All the parts are designed to increase the performance of your engine; no cosmetic pieces are included. Additionally, there are no exhaust systems (other than the manifolds) or ignition components, so don't look for them.

We've also broken the guide into several smaller sections to make navigation easier: induction, head and valvetrain, fuel system and electronics, headers, and forced induction, which includes nitrous systems. Happy hunting.

K&N Generation II fuel injection performance kitK&N Engineering's CARB-exempt Generation II fuel injection performance kit replaces the restrictive factory air filter and intake housing on the 1998-2000 Civic Si with a high-flow filtercharger element, inlet tube and heat shield. This upgrade delivers virtually unrestricted airflow for increased power and throttle response. Contact K&N Engineering at (909) 826-4000 or knfilters.com.

A'pexi GT Spec headerA'pexi's GT Spec exhaust manifolds are constructed of highly polished SUS 304 stainless piping and TIG welded for durability and strength. The collector pipes at the exhaust ports are deburred and hand-ported for optimum flow. The 4-2-1 design is used for high-end gains without sacrificing mid-range torque. Contact A'PEX Integration at (714) 685-5700 or apexi-usa.com

Bosal stainless-steel headerBosal offers stainless-steel headers for 1994-'99 Integras. The header is crafted from 16-gauge, 304 stainless and features manifold flanges cast in the same material. Mandrel-bent tubing ensures uniform diameter around the bends, and MIG-welded connections provide durability and resistance to vibration fatigue. Contact Bosal USA Inc. at (800) 631-7271 or bosal.com

ZEX nitrous oxide systemFor extreme ease of installation and a 55- to 75-hp boost, look no further than the ZEX Nitrous Oxide system. The nitrous solenoid, electronic throttle switch and nitrous manifold are all located within the nitrous management unit, and nitrous is triggered by an electronic signal from the TPS output wire. Bottle pressure is taken into account by the fuel control circuit for optimal nitrous/fuel ratios at all times. Contact ZEX at (888) 817-1008 or zex.com

Drag competition Products turbo kitThis kit for the B16A uses a Turbonetics T4/T3 hybrid turbocharger mounted on a cast four-into-one exhaust manifold for increased reliability. An inline booster fuel pump and Vortech boost-dependent regulator provides fuel enrichment. An intercooler is supplied with the kit. Contact Drag Competition Products at (213) 721-9689

HKS Integra GS-R turbo kitHKS' GS-R kit uses a T25 Garret compressor. The kit includes an intercooler, all necessary piping and hardware. CARB certification is still pending. A B16A kit is also under development. Contact HKS USA at (310) 763-9600 or hksusa.com

USDM '98+ Integra Type R head assemblyPart number: 12100-P73-J00. Contact your local Honda/Acura parts dealer

USDM '97-'98 Integra Type R intake camPart number: 14111-P73-J00. Contact your local Honda/Acura parts dealer

USDM '00 Integra Type R intake camPart number: 14111-P73-J01. Contact your local Honda/Acura parts dealer

USDM '97-'00 Integra Type R exhaust camPart number: 14121-P73-J00. Contact your local Honda/Acura parts dealer

Skunk2 Racing camshaftsDesigned using computerized valvetrain simulation and modeling software, the Skunk2 Racing camshafts produce maximum power using stock valvetrain components and are claimed to not affect emissions. Contact Skunk2 Racing at (510) 781-0538 or skunk2.com

JDM Honda '98+ Civic Type R intake camPart number: 14111-PCT-000 Contact SPW Industries at (805) 485-5249 or spwusa; JDM Honda Parts at (626) 309-9021 or jdmhondaparts.com