Comptech tuned-length intakeThe Comptech tuned-length intake tube enhances the breathing set-up for increased horsepower. Combined with a two-stage foam element for a 23-percent airflow increase, the Comptech air intake kit results in better breathing and improved power. As with all Comptech air filter products, the foam element is cleanable for long life and reusability. Contact Comptech USA at (916) 933-1080 or

Stillen Hi-Flow inductionsystemStillen Hi-Flow induction systems for the Civic move the air intake to the fender well in order to take advantage of cooler air. The system consists of intake plumbing, precision-machined ring and a reusable gauze element filter. Like a velocity stack, the ring uses a venturi effect to accelerate air intake speed. Contact Steve Millen Sportparts Inc. at (714) 540-5566 or

HeadersHyTech Integra Type R headerThis is the company's signature header for the Type R, GS-R and Civic Si engines. The Type R header is a state-of-the-art design that utilizes stepped primary pipes with anti-reversion chambers and the company's own design tri-y collectors. According to HyTech, this header on a stock Type R with a VAFC controller made 20 hp and 22 lb-ft of torque. It also produced a 10-hp gain at 2500 rpm. Contact HyTech at (949) 581-2181 or

Comptech 4-2-1 headerThe 4-2-1 stainless header from Comptech is designed for maximum mid-range power for increased performance. Along with the TIG-welded joints, the CNC-machined flanges will insure a perfect fit and finish. Designed for the '99-'00 Civic Si. Contact Comptech USA at (916) 933-1080 or

DC Sports one-piece headerDC Sports' one-piece header allows for a lighter, more powerful design. Overall, it's 1.5-2 lbs lighter than conventional headers due to its lightweight flanges, and the company claims a slight horsepower boost over its two-piece header. Available in ceramic-coated mild steel and polished stainless steel. Contact DC Sports at (909) 734-2030 or

JG Edelbrock Pro Flo headerJG Edelbrock's Pro Flo headers for Honda and Acura feature laser-cut and CNC-machined flanges for a precise fit. The two piece design includes a 1.75-inch A-section and 2-inch B-section, with an optional 3-inch B-section available for racing applications. Contact Edelbrock Corporation at (310) 781-2222 or

GReddy headerGReddy headers are made from mandrel-bent stainless piping and investment-casted flanges. Power improvements come from the design and placement of the collectors to even out exhaust pulses. Large primary runners make this manifold a good choice for vehicles with high-horsepower modifications. Contact GReddy Performance Products at (949) 588-8300 or

Stillen Four-Into-One HeaderStillen offers performance-engineered headers for all 1992-'99 SOHC Civics. The four-into-one design complements the engine's free-revving nature and is designed to enhance the powerband throughout the rev range. Contact Steve Millen Sportparts Inc. at (714) 540-5566 or

Neuspeed N2 headerNeuspeed claims to have designed the ultimate high-performance header for Integra and Civic applications. Neuspeed N2 headers feature smooth mandrel bends all the way to the collector, accurate flat-ground CNC flanges and splatter-free welds topped with a four-coat ceramic finish on the outside. The headers also feature a single coat of ceramic inside for efficient flow. N2 headers are CARB-legal and include a three-year limited warranty. Contact Automotive Performance Systems at (800) 423-3623 or

Forced Induction/NitrousHyTech turbo kitThis kit is HyTech's street version for B-series engines. It uses a liquid-to-air intercooler. The piping to the throttle body from the turbo is as short as possible to eliminate any turbo lag with a big turbo. The exhaust manifold is built from 321 stainless and uses a two-piece design to eliminate any cracking. The turbo is supported by its own bracket, which bolts to the bellhousing. Contact HyTech at (949) 581-2181 or