Ferrea Competition valvesFerrea Competition valves are designed with higher fatigue resistance and tensile strength to provide excellent reliability when subjected to high spring pressures and roller cams. Both intake and exhaust valves are manufactured from EV8 stainless steel with special heat-treatment and stress relieving procedures. Other features include hard chrome stems, friction-welded hard tips; they're finished with a swirl polished head. Contact Ferrea Racing Components at (888) 733-2505, (954) 733-2505 or ferrea.com

Venom Performance Fang cam gearsVenom Performance's Fang cam gears are constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum. The company calls them the lightest on the market. They allow for plus or minus 10 degrees of adjustment.Contact Venom Performance at venom-performance.com

JG Edelbrock adjustable camshaft sprocketsEdelbrock's lightweight T-7075 aluminum cam gears feature laser-etched adjustment lines and give you the ability to advance or retard cam timing up to 10 degrees. Contact Edelbrock Corporation at (310) 781-2222 or edelbrock.com

ODA Racing CamshaftsTODA has been manufacturing billet VTEC camshafts since 1994 based on Formula 4 and 12-hour endurance racing. Three profiles, ranging from mild to full race are available and are designed to be used in conjunction with TODA Racing valve springs. Contact TODA Racing/AKH Trading at (949) 450-0156 or todaracing.com.

Holeshot adjustable cam gearsHoleshot cam gears feature a steel center and anodized outer for lighter weight, great looks and extreme durability. The five-bolt pattern offers greater resistance to stripping while in high-speed applications. Contact Holeshot Racing at (714) 772-VTEC or drag-racing.com

STR Pro GearzSTR Pro Gearz are CNC-machined from 6061-billet aluminum and designed to be perhaps the lightest gears on the market. All load bearing surfaces are radiused for strength, lateral and radial runout held very tight and offer cam adjustment of plus or minus 10 degrees. Contact STR at (909) 394-4719 or strspeedlab.com

TODA Racing cam pulleysConstructed from 7075 aluminum for high strength and lighter weight, TODA racing cam pulleys feature four-bolt fastening and clearly machined timing marks. Contact TODA Racing/AKH Trading at (949) 450-0156 or todaracing.com

Ferrea Pro Series retainersFerrea's Pro Series titanium and aluminum magnesium retainers are precision CNC-machined from aerospace-quality alloys, fully heat-treated and finished to exact tolerances. These retainers are engineered for optimum strength and weight savings, which is crucial to valvetrain stability at high rpm. Contact Ferrea Racing Components at (888) 733-2505, (954) 733-2505 or ferrea.com

Skunk2 Racing adjustable cam sprocketsCNC-machined from hard-anodized billet aluminum to precise tolerances, Skunk2 Racing adjustable cam gears feature more than 24 degrees of adjustments and laser-etched timing marks.Contact Skunk2 Racing at (510) 781-0538 or skunk2.com

STR ProSealcam sealsSTR's patented cam seals replace the OEM plastic units, which can corrode and harden. The cam seals are CNC-machined from billet aluminum and feature dual rubber O-rings for a complete seal. Contact STR at (909) 394-4719 or strspeedlab.com

Ferrea valve springsFerrea's valve springs are developed from high-strength alloys, such as chrome silicone steel. They are heat-treated and stress relieved to increase operating life, and can provide the stability needed for high-lift, high-rpm performance applications. Contact Ferrea Racing Components at (888) 733-2505, (954) 733-2505; ferrea.com

TODA Racing dual valve spring kitTODA Racing offers dual spring kits for its higher lift Spec B and Spec C camshafts, designed to allow maximum lift while preventing valve float. Springs rates are specific to each TODA profile, and prevent damage which could occur when using springs that are too stiff.Contact TODA Racing/AKH Trading at (949)450-0156 or todaracing.com