Nitrous Express NX MaximizerNitrous Express introduces its next generation in nitrous progressive controllers. The NX Maximizer uses state-of-the-art circuitry to achieve a smooth application of nitrous power to the ground. With its compact, single box design, limitless adjustability and rugged, high-amp capacity, the Maximizer will handle all the solenoid amp load you can throw at it. The Maximizer is the only controller, which allows your nitrous system to deliver full power on the 100-percent setting. Contact Nitrous Express at (888) 463-2781 or

NOS nitrous systemThe NOS complete nitrous kit allows complete adjustability of power levels with the change of a jet and includes everything you need to start squeezing. For more power, the NOS Big Shot nitrous kit includes everything included in the basic kit plus a special injector plate with refined fuel bars that atomize fuel and nitrous at fine levels for precise power delivery. Contact Holley Performance Products Inc. at (270) 781-9741 or

Jackson Racing CRV supercharger kitThe CRV is a great compact SUV. It does however, suffer from one small problem; it's a heavy vehicle for a small four-cylinder engine. What it needs is torque low in the rpm range. For this application, the Eaton M45 supercharger is the perfect choice. Torque has been measured with a nearly 30 lb-ft increase and more than 50 hp at redline. CARB EO No. D-344-8.Contact Jackson Racing at (888) 888-4079 or

GReddy turbo kitsGReddy turbo kits exclusively use GReddy-spec Mitsubishi turbochargers. Each kit is designed and tested extensively to match the correctly sized turbo to its specific application. Each kit includes a cast manifold, GReddy/Mitsubishi turbo, air intake, all necessary piping, hoses and hardware and fuel enrichment provisions, including larger injectors and fuel control units. Contact GReddy Performance Products at (949) 588-8300 or

Vortech centrifugal supercharger kitVortech's centrifugal supercharger kits for the B16A and B18B include everything you need to breathe some serious bolt-on horsepower into your B-series engine. The kits include the gear-driven supercharger, fuel system components, belts, bracketry and all necessary hardware. It's compatible with the factory OBD-II ECU and available with the option of an aftercooler. Contact Vortech Engineering at (805) 247-0226 or

Jackson Racing Civic Si and Integra GS-R supercharger kitsJackson Racing's Eaton-based supercharger systems for the Civic Si and Integra GS-R have been dyno proven to increase power substantially at critical areas in the powerband, approximately 50 percent more horsepower and nearly 50 percent more torque. All Jackson Racing supercharger kits come with all needed parts, including the blower, belts, fuel enrichment and hardware. CARB EO No. D-344-8. Contact Jackson Racing at (888) 888-4079 or

HeadDC Sports adjustable cam gearsA strong and lightweight cam gear, the DC Sports adjustable cam gear features laser engraved timing marks for accuracy and offers a two-year warranty. Contact DC Sports at (909) 734-2030 or

JG Edelbrock street/strip camshaftsJG Edelbrock street/strip camshafts are ground from chilled iron and nitrided for longevity. They offer an upgraded but streetable powerband, and are not compatible with stock valve springs; it is recommended you use a JG Edelbrock street valve spring kit. Contact Edelbrock Corporation (310) 781-2222 or

Crane Cams Hot Street camsCrane Cams offers Hot Street cams for everyday driving with extra mid-range and high-rpm power. These sticks work well with stock engine internals and compression, in an rpm range from idle to 8500. Various lifts and durations are available. Applications include VTEC and non-VTEC 1.6- and 1.8-liter engines. Contact: Crane Cams at (386) 252-1151 or

TODA VTEC Killer camshaftsDesigned for racing purposes only, TODA VTEC Killer hollow-core camshafts offer a power band starting at 5000 rpm, using the same technology used by professional touring car teams in the BTCC and JTCC. VTEC Killer cams effectively remove the VTEC effect from so-equipped engines. Contact TODA Racing/AKH Trading at (949) 450-0156 or