Skunk2 Racing ECUDesigned to significantly widen the powerband in order to make peak torque longer and sooner on normally aspirated engines, the Skunk2 Racing ECU lets you take full advantage of other engine modifications. Also available is a plug-and-play harness to allow OBD II-equipped, '96-and-later Hondas to use the Skunk2 ECU. Contact Skunk2 at (510) 781-0538 at

Vortech fuel management unitIdeal for any application where boost is involved. It increases fuel pressure in proportion to boost pressure. The FMU can be calibrated from a 3:1 ratio to a 12:1 ratio. Separate recalibration kits are available. Mounting bracket and screws are included. Contact Vortech Engineering at (805) 247-0226 or

Venom Performance Super Flow fuel railMade from machined and polished aluminum and offer a large bore inner diameter to deliver more fuel. The rails are compatible with the stock regulator and have adjustable mounting positions for easy alignment. Contact Venom Performance at

BBK Performance fuel pumpThe BBK Performance in-tank fuel pump provides a whopping 255 lph rate of fuel flow to your VTEC engine.Contact BBK Performance Inc. at (909) 735-2400 or

JUN GT intake manifoldThe JUN GT intake manifold was designed using the company's experience in GT racing in Japan. The manifolds have been designed to provide more power in the 6000-rpm-and-up range. Contact JUN USA at (562) 424-7828 at

Venom Performance Drag intake manifoldThe Venom drag intake manifold is made of CNC-machined and polished aluminum, and features a stack design to promote free flow of air and fuel. It includes fittings for all stock sensors. Contact Venom Performance at

Throttle BodiesJG Edelbrock 65mm throttle bodyJG Edelbrock's 65mm throttle body bolts to the stock B18C manifolds with mounts for stock sensors and vacuum lines and includes gaskets.Contact Edelbrock Corporation at (310) 781-2222 or

A'pexi Power IntakeA'pexi's Power intake incorporates resin-injected dual funnel technology which allows unrestricted airflow. The dry-type filter element ensures maximum performance without damaging any fuel-metering devices sometimes experienced with oiled cloth elements. Contact A'pexi at (714) 685-5700 or

BreathingAEM cold air system AEM's cold air induction system is formed from 6061 mandrel-bent aluminum. It includes TIG-welded fittings and brackets, high-flow filter and all necessary hardware for easy installation. AEM induction systems are CARB-exempt and carry a limited-lifetime warranty. Contact AEM at (310) 484-2322 or

Integra Type R throttle body Part number: 16400-P73-003USDM '97-'00 Integra Type R intake manifoldPart number: 17100-P73-A00Contact your local Honda/Acura parts dealer

JDM '96+ BBK Performance throttle bodyFrom the performance throttle body experts comes a 62mm bolt-on throttle body made from a 356-T6 aluminum casting which uses factory-style stamped throttle linkages. Contact BBK Performance Inc. at (909) 735-2400 at

DC Sports cold air extensionDC Sports' cold air extension is a two-piece intake system, which gives you the option of reverting back to the standard DAC intake if the need exists. The DAC cold air intake features 0.065-inch, mandrel-bent, polished 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, a CNC-machined coupler for a perfect fit to the throttle body and a bead-rolled tube end to keep the filter and couplers in place. Contact DC Sports at (909) 734-2030 or

Comptech Ice BoxComptech's Ice Box cold air intake system is designed for the 1994-2000 Integra and the 1999-2000 Civic Si. The Ice Box places the air intake at a remote location near the front turn signal, where it can breathe colder air from outside the engine compartment. This colder, denser air helps the engine generate more horsepower and torque while boosting overall performance. Contact Comptech USA at (916) 933-1080 or