STR competition fuel railSTR's competition fuel rail offers better flow and a larger volume of fuel to the injectors; it has been redesigned with a 30-percent reduction in weight and incorporate a -8AN size fitting, letting you fit either the stock fuel lines or a larger -8AN line. An adapter kit is necessary to retain stock fuel line. Contact STR Products at (909) 394-4719 or

Holley EFI fuel railHolley EFI fuel rails are CNC machined and feature a 9/16-inch diameter inner bore, have a built-in port for a gauge or NOS fuel source outlet, and have -8AN fittings.Contact Holley Performance Products Inc. at (270) 781-9741 or

AEM fuel delivery systemAEM offers a complete fuel system upgrade for your Honda engine, the AEM fuel delivery system. The system includes the company's high-volume fuel rail, filter and adjustable fuel pressure regulator. Each part is also available individually.Contact AEM at (310) 484-2322 or

JET V-Force power control moduleJET's V-Force power control module is a 20-Mhz RISC microprocessor which optimizes the ignition spark advance and recalibrates the fuel map for maximum horsepower and acceleration. It features an on/off override switch, LED readout and DST(tm) (Dynamic Spectrum Tuning) to give you full-range power tuning from low-end to wide-open throttle. Contact JET Performance Products at (714) 848-5515 or

AEM high-volume fuel railMachined from billet aluminum, the AEM high volume fuel rail has a large 1/2-inch fuel bore for maximum flow and offers an additional port for nitrous or an external fuel pressure gauge. Accepting both oversized or factory injectors, the AEM rail will accept either a -6AN or -8AN line. Contact AEM at (310) 484-2322 or

Holley in-tank electric fuel pumpThe Holley in-tank fuel pump comes as a full kit and includes an inlet filter, as well as all drop parts, accessories and installation instructions. Kits for both normally aspirated and forced-induction applications are available. Contact Holley Performance Products Inc. at (270) 781-9741 or

ManifoldsSkunk2 Racing intake manifoldRealized as a one-piece casting, the Skunk2 Racing intake manifold substantially increases flow characteristics over the stock unit, making it ideal for both normally aspirated and forced-induction applications. The Skunk2 Racing manifold is available for all DOHC 1.6- to 1.8-liter VTEC and non-VTEC engines, utilizes factory sensors and will not affect emissions. Contact Skunk2 at (510) 781-0538 at

TODA Racing Sports injection intake systemFor the most highly modified normally aspirated B-series engines, TODA Racing offers its Sports Injection quad-throttle body intake system for the ultimate in throttle response and high-rpm power. Contact TODA Racing/AKH Trading at (949) 450-0156 or

STR Airmaxx Pro Drag manifoldSTR aluminum intake manifolds are dyno tested and tuned to provide gains everywhere in the powerband, and feature CNC-machined velocity stacks to increase air velocity as it approaches the head. Flanges are CNC-cut, ensuring optimal fit and the STR manifolds are a direct bolt-on, allowing for all stock sensors to be used. Contact STR products at (909) 394-4719 or

JG Edelbrock Competition B18C VTEC manifoldOptimized for maximum power between 7000 and 10,000 rpm for all-motor and turbo applications, this competition manifold is 7.5-lbs lighter than stock and accepts oversized throttle bodies without modification. Contact Edelbrock Corporation at (310) 781-2222 or