On the dyno, the silver Supra dropped a 796.8 whp bomb on everyone. Peak power hit at 7200 rpm. Even more impressive is the 2JZ was generously offering more than 700 whp from 6200 rpm to 8000 rpm. Maximum torque checked in at 607.3 lb-ft at 6800 rpm. Wow.

Venom Racing Outlaw Class Drag Supra1028.6 WHP
We have watched the Venom Racing Supra progress from its first race out of the gate to its impressive 7.80-second performance at the end of the 2002 season. We were anxious to see what the Toyota would make on the dyno.

The problem? The engine was disassembled after the 2002 campaign and a less aggressive head was put on for the bash. So the car was not at its "7.80 spec," but we were looking forward to some big power just the same.

The Venom Supra runs a twin-turbo setup featuring custom one-off turbos built by Harry Hsuba from Precision Turbo & Engine of Hebron, Ind. The 2JZ burns ethanol introduced by a mammoth fuel system that features four pumps with a crazy 350 gal/hr capacity and a six-pack of 100 lb/hr injectors. A FAST (Fuel Air Spark Technology) stand-alone engine management system, masterfully tuned by Harv St. Mary, oversees fuel and spark distribution. The engine's standard distributorless coil-over-plug ignition has been swapped to a distributor setup. A Venom VCN-1000 nitrous oxide system gives the Supra a bit of extra thrust on the top end.

After a couple of mid 900-whp runs, the Venom crew elected to put the squeeze on the 2JZ. Running a conservative 32 psi, the rollers were rolling and after the squeeze the SuperFlow registered 1028.6 whp. That rocks. It should be noted the Supra runs a Powerglide transmission that is famous for soaking up the power, so to put four digits down through that selfish gearbox is really amazing.

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