Sure we love all things pressurized here at Turbo but sometimes it's what on the outside that gets us interested. Looks do matter; at its purist tuning is a balance of power, handling and style. We have scorched the information superhighway to bring you all kinds of body kits and aero pieces to dress up all kinds of vehicles. Whether you are looking for a widebody kit for your 350Z or NSX or a drift look for your AE86 you'll find it here. If you want to get that JDM look or add a hood scoop to clear that supercharger you should be able to find something that peaks your interest in the following pages.

Also, many of the companies that have graciously contributed to this guide have many more products available than what you see here. If a particular company has products you like but do not see a listing for your ride give them a call or visit their Web site to see what they can help you with. Don't forget to tell them you saw it in Turbo magazine.

To make the online version easier to read, we have sorted the body kits and parts by car manufacturer brand.


Style your NSX after the race cars in JGTC competition with this aggressive redesign from Science of Speed. The design of this Cantrell Studios JGTC widebody conversion requires a complete body conversion, from front to back. Each panel, including the front bumper is much wider than its factory counterpart. This kit includes the following items: the 2002 headlight conversion kit; your choice of hood options; Cantrell Studios JGTC-Series wide front bumper, wide front fenders, wide rocker panels and wide rear quarter panels. The kit come standard in FRP but is available in carbon fiber, epoxy and Nomex honeycomb. For more information contact Science of Speed at (480) 894-6277 or at

New for the 2005 Acura RSX, Mugen offers a full aero package that includes a front bumper, hood, side skirts, rear lip, and rear spoiler. All components are molded in a true autoclave environment from fiber-reinforced plastic or carbon fiber. All components can be purchased separately and are compatible with U.S. models. For more information contact King Motorsports at (262) 786-8360 or

Acura RSX owners have a new body kit option from Erebuni Corp. to choose from. The Shogun Style v27.0 ground effect kit fits model years 2002 and up. Made from hand-laid fiberglass this kit includes a front bumper spoiler, a pair of side skirts, a rear bumper apron and four fender flares. For more information contact Erebuni Corp. at (888) EREBUNI or or

Mugen has released a basic exterior body package for the RSX. The package includes an ABS front under spoiler, side skirts, and rear lip. These parts will fit all 2005 and up RSX models, Type-S shown. For more information contact King Motorsports at (262) 786-8360 or

Carbon Creations is pleased to announce the release of the Wings complete kit for the 2002 to '04 Acura RSX. Each piece is made with 100 percent hand-laid carbon fiber, resulting in lightweight proper-fitting show quality products. The Wings complete kit includes a Wings front bumper, Type M rear bumper and Wings side skirts. For more information contact Carbon Creations at (888) 611-AERO or

The 2002 Update Program from Science of Speed allows owners of early Acura NSXs to update their looks with refreshed bodywork. The GT-Series update program consists of a 2002 headlight conversion kit, a Cantrell Studios 2002 GT front bumper, a bumper conversion kit and your choice of three different hoods. The front bumper is available in FRP and primered carbon fiber/Nomex honeycomb. Optional parts for the GT-Series kit include wide front fenders, wide side skirts and wide quarter panels. For more information contact Science of Speed at (480) 894-6277 or at

Here's a sneak preview of a prototype body kit for the Acura NSX (NA2) from Do-Luck USA. Developed at the same time are a carbon/Kevlar under tray and carbon rear diffuser. For more information contact Do-Luck USA at (253) 872-0888 or at