In many ways the current JDM craze is positive step in the right direction, led by a new generation of enthusiasts searching for a style that is better than the crap left behind by Hollywood. In an industry that seems to lack direction, JDM gives enthusiasts a definitive style and direction. But if our goal as enthusiasts is to build the cleanest and fastest cars, we need to, once again, come to the realization that Japan is only one source for good parts and oftentimes Japanese parts are not necessarily the best. This is something that even Japanese tuners realize. Many of the most respected Japanese tuning companies source things like turbo cartridges, pistons, rods, and other hard parts from American companies. And many of the parts common to JDM styling such as Recaro seats, Brembo brakes, are not made in Japan.

So what is the point of all this? Well, as an enthusiast we look to magazines and editors for guidance, they are the leaders and are the spokespeople of our industry. But how can we look up to people that have an unhealthy and intensely one-sided view of our industry? How can we support magazines that have the nerve to insult their own customers and readers?

It can be argued that the viewpoints of editors are driven by enthusiasts. In that case, we need to evaluate where we lost control. To American enthusiasts and tuners, stand proud and let your voice be heard! To all the JDM-fanatic editors and enthusiasts out there that think the aforementioned decal is funny, SHAME ON YOU! What you are propagating is counter productive to our industry. If you really like JDM that much then "Orewa Bakana"! Move to Japan and humiliate yourself there!