Held down by a Cusco twin-disc clutch, this Subaru still makes use of its factory six-speed transmission, a stout unit that can hold up to all-wheel drive abuse and is coveted by every U.S. Subie owner. When this Time Attack runner is ready to hit the racetrack an HKS 16-row oil cooler and SARD radiator help prevent premature meltdown. The driver's eyes keep track of everything using the Stack/SARD RD-1 dash cluster.

Inside, Auto Produce Boss fitted the Spec C with everything needed short of a rollcage and strip down. The seats and steering wheel are Prodrive units, made by Sparco, while the factory seatbelts were dumped in favor of four-point Prodrive harnesses, manufactured by Sabelt. Comfortable enough for the street yet powerful enough for the track the Auto Produce Boss STi Spec C is a beautiful example of how to build a dual-purpose vehicle.

Outside, the Boss Spec C wears bodywork from Varis consisting of a new front bumper, carbon-fiber side skirts, and carbon-fiber rear diffuser. The carbon-fiber rear wing is by Auto Produce Boss and is useful for generating downforce while blazing through the Tsukuba circuit.

Beautiful, matching white 18x8 Prodrive GC-010G forged aluminum wheels frame Prodrive front and factory Brembo rear brakes fit with custom Boss-spec Image Type-C2 brake pads for maximum stopping capability. The suspension is also by famed World Rally Championship-winning tuner Prodrive, fit with 12-kg/mm front and 8-kg/mm rear springs. The tires used on the Boss Spec C are Bridgestone's Potenza RE-01R rubber, which oddly enough, are the same tires used on the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach Pro/Celebrity race Scion tCs.

With a tuned turbo motor capable of some serious power, a cockpit fit with grip and comfort, and a suspension setup that isn't too harsh for the streets Auto Produce Boss has assembled one of the finest dual-duty Subarus ever. Building upon the STi Spec C's already potent DNA, Boss has built a car that can commute to the Tsukuba circuit, blast out a few quick laps before lunch, and then head home comfortably. Now that's leading the pack.

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