With a fatter, broader torque curve to show for their efforts, JUN Auto chose to utilize a Cusco clutch in combination with the stock flywheel to harness the greatest amount of power. The stock limited-slip differential has been changed out for a tighter Cusco RS one-way differential, while gear banging has been made more frequent thanks to the ultra-short 5.062:1 final drive ratio. With a small displacement and no turbocharger to lend a helping hand, JUN's batch of drivetrain modifications seek to keep the DC5 high in the rev range and deep in the heart of its powerband.

Complementing the high-revving powerplant and short six-speed gearbox is the stiffness of the Type-R chassis, a factor that is always important for handling and response. Stiffened further by a full rollcage and a custom welded front tower support bar, this DC5 Integra is rigid enough to withstand the pounding of custom JUN-spec'd Zeal Super Function adjustable coilovers. In the front, JUN Auto uses custom upper mounting plates and lower control arms to dial in the perfect amount of camber, caster and toe for the Yokohama Advan A048 tires. To permit proper turn-in and front-drive balance, JUN uses skinny 215/45/17 rear tires with a wider 245/40/17 front tire size.

To aid the aerodynamics in high-speed corners, JUN applied their own front bumper, side skirts, carbon fiber hood, rear under spoiler and GT wing. After installation, the entire Type-R was covered in the familiar yellow and green paint scheme of JUN Auto. Complemented by a set of 17x8.5-inch front and 17x7.5-inch rear Advan TCII wheels, the exterior bodywork is both aggressive and functional, a potent combination at any time attack event.

Inside the cockpit, there isn't a whole lot of anything to look at, unless you count the professionally prepared racecar setup. Gutted of all interior panels, window glass and sound deadener, this DC5 is equipped with a single carbon-Kevlar Bride racing bucket, dual Defi-Link Display units and a heavily dished OMP steering wheel. Designed around lightness and control, the cabin has been modified with all of the essentials for the driver to remain in direct connection with the asphalt of Tsukuba Circuit.

With corner-scorching speed far surpassing what you'd expect of any naturally aspirated front-drive car, the JUN Auto Type-R has solidified its place on the hallowed corners of Tsukuba Circuit. More than just a pretty yellow and green paint job, the Super Integra DC5 represents some of the core principles of JUN Auto: Build and tune a car, take it to its full potential and then prove its worth. Right on the edge of the one-minute barrier at Tsukuba Circuit, the Super Integra DC5 has proven plenty, and yet JUN Auto is already asking for more power and more speed. Sounds good to us.

Tein (Defi Gauges Distributor) Bride (More Japan)
Yokohama Tire
GReddy USA
UPFD (JUN Auto Distributor) Mackin Ind (Endless distributor)